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Embracing The Messiness of Your Life

Our media-obsessed world is one that is built on a facade of never-ending strength, beauty, resilience and achievement.  Stumble upon any social media account and we’re wrought with images of people, families and children in various states of perfection. There’s the Fit and Fabulous Over 40 page on my Facebook feed that keeps taunting me.  And then […]



The Only Trigger That Creates Deep Healing

We can understand our issues.  We can analyze our issues (yawn).  We can soul retrieve, regress, meditate, energy heal, rebirth and breathe.  We can do all of these things and they’re all wonderful and helpful. But where the rubber hits the road is when we actively change our behaviour. All of the other tools mentioned above are […]



The Reclamation of The Divine Feminine: A Journey From The Hidden Self to the Fully Expressed Self

We’ve been culturally conditioned to look, behave and even think a certain way. Every culture has its tenants and when the tribe members tow the line, all is well.  When a tribe member begins to think and behave in different ways, we have a problem. “People expect me to be a certain way.  My social […]



The Incredible Healing Power of Your Anger

I know what you’re thinking.  There’s no room for anger in a spiritually-anchored world, right?  We’re all supposed to simply be chanting and Namaste-ing and practicing loving kindness. Well yes.  Ultimately, this peaceful space is one that we’d all like to sit in the majority of the time.  It feels better and radiates positivity into […]



Are you living your life in a good way?

I had the recent privilege of attending two Native Indian cultural events led by Algonquin Elder Barbara Dumont-Hill.  Her peaceful and powerful presence was absolutely captivating and an honour to experience. She greeted us with the words: “Are you living your life in a good way?” and explained that this is the traditional greeting of her […]



When The Divine Comes Calling

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  Anais Nin Many years ago I had a direct experience of God.  I was attending a spiritual workshop in Phoenix, Arizona and the teacher was leading about 200 of us through a […]




There is something so beautiful and sophisticated about behaving with good grace, especially in situations that are disappointing or challenging. It is not easy and probably not the most natural reaction, but consciously responding to unpleasant situations with grace elevates your whole being. Acting with grace means that your own behaviour and actions aren’t degraded, […]



The Miraculous Effect of Radical Honesty

One of the wisest beings to ever grace this earth once said, The truth shall set you free. This was in no way a moralist statement.  What this meant was that we have deep, abiding truths within us that are longing to be met. It’s called Radical Honesty. Radical Honesty is about allowing the raging, grieving, […]




Spring is nearly here and I’m ready to bloom!  I’ve got a rosy juice-smoothie recipe to help you bloom too.  It is a bouquet of simple beet juice blended with cherries, cranberries and avocado.  The beets are for your heart, lemons are for your liver, an apple to strengthen your immune system, cherries to limber […]



How Our Challenges Teach and Change Us

“Let go of the oars.  Everything you want is downstream.”  Abraham Hicks We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way.  And by this, I mean life.  We can dig in and demand that life bend to our endless list of demands OR we can accept and surrender to the […]


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