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Hey You! I’m Ann. I’m a Clinical Practitioner of Holistic Nutrition.  I’m also an Intuitive Energy Healer. Years ago, I heard the call of my Spirit urging me to transform my life, transform my diet and transform my perspectives. So that’s what I did. I overcame a chronic, autoimmune disease and now live with vibrant health, self-love and joy. We’re all about helping YOU step into the fullness of your being and living the most joyous and healthy life imaginable! LEARN MORE

" When I met Ann on the phone to see if we were a good “fit”, I felt such love flowing between us I knew this was the person and the healing path for me. Ann’s wisdom, warmth and skill have guided my journey with great success. I have appreciated Ann’s knowledge and openness, her confidence and her inner sight. I felt she saw me and helped me see my strengths and in a gentle, firm way, where I was stuck. I highly recommend Ann to anyone who is open to transformation, through working in partnership with their own body’s wisdom. "

authorLaura Golden, Ottawa ON

" Thank you so much for always providing a safe place for me to heal and grow. I am touched and inspired by your genuine desire to be of service to mankind by sharing your gift. Your amazing insight and powerful healing modalities have helped me tremendously throughout the years. I can't thank you enough for selflessly pouring your heart and soul into every session we've had together, it's clear that you do this work because it's your calling (which may explain why you're so good at it!) "

authorTanya K., Author, Ottawa ON

" Ann has truly been a gift to me at a time in my life when I was searching to improve my health, calm my mind and soothe my soul! With her deep insight, her inspired wisdom, her broad knowledge, her open-minded and non-judgmental approach, she has assisted and supported me to achieve a life changing transformation! Ann's kind, generous and holistic approach has empowered me to break through old patterns and make way for a healthier body, a more peaceful mind and harmony with my soul! Few people have impacted my life in a positive way as much as Ann has! I am deeply grateful for everything she has taught me and for her loving support during my life changing transformation! My most sincere thanks Ann! "

authorSonia K. ~ Ottawa ON

" Ann Jarvis is an absolute life-saver!! For years, in my efforts to kick a severe sugar addiction, I consulted with a myriad of doctors, homeopaths, nutritionists and dieticians and I have shelves filled with just about every book written on the subject. Ann was going to be my last attempt and I am thrilled to say I have been sugar-free since November. In addition, she has become my psychologist, work/life coach, advisor and friend. She looks at life’s challenges from a very unique perspective, with her amazing sense of humour, and helps me to do the same. I love our sessions together and always come away feeling optimistic and re-energized. "

authorAideen N. ~ Ottawa ON

" "There are no words to describe what it feels like to work with Ann, but I will try; her presence, warmth, clarity and support vibrate with me long after leaving each session. Each minute spent with her is like a hug from love itself. The strongest impact Ann has is in her ability to gently coax your soul more into its fullest expression of itself, more into your body, more into your every moment. Her skill in helping you open your eyes more fully to your own power, warmth, love and light, is, literally, out of this world. Ann is a beautiful channel of Divine wisdom. She helped me to shift so much in my life, my health and my perspective, largely through helping show me where I had already shifted, but was holding myself back from seeing that; helping me to embrace and acknowledge what my heart and soul already knew. Next to your own soul, Ann is the absolute best guide if you are yearning to explore your inner worlds, your deepest truth, your true potential, and the purest love." "

authorTanya W.

" Hi Ann! Thank you SO much for the wonderful help you gave me yesterday; the healing you provided and enabled. I feel much, much better and am so much more able to continue forward. Such a powerful healing! I feel so comfortable in my own skin today! I will keep in touch and look forward to seeing you again. May you continue to enjoy good health and happiness. Margaret "

authorMargaret M. ~ Ottawa ON

The Reclamation of The Divine Feminine: A Journey From The Hidden Self to the Fully Expressed Self

We’ve been culturally conditioned to look, behave and even think a certain way. Every culture has its tenants and when the tribe members tow the line, all is well.  When a tribe member begins to think and behave in different ways, we have a problem. “People expect me to be a certain way.  My social […]



The Incredible Healing Power of Your Anger

I know what you’re thinking.  There’s no room for anger in a spiritually-anchored world, right?  We’re all supposed to simply be chanting and Namaste-ing and practicing loving kindness. Well yes.  Ultimately, this peaceful space is one that we’d all like to sit in the majority of the time.  It feels better and radiates positivity into […]



Are you living your life in a good way?

I had the recent privilege of attending two Native Indian cultural events led by Algonquin Elder Barbara Dumont-Hill.  Her peaceful and powerful presence was absolutely captivating and an honour to experience. She greeted us with the words: “Are you living your life in a good way?” and explained that this is the traditional greeting of her […]


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Here’s how I can help

Welcome to The Nourished Soul! My deepest passion is to bring people the tools to transform themselves. I believe that our happiest, healthiest versions of ourselves are waiting for us to CLAIM them. I know, from personal experience, what it means to completely transform my life. 



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