When The Divine Comes Calling

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  Anais Nin

Many years ago I had a direct experience of God.  I was attending a spiritual workshop in Phoenix, Arizona and the teacher was leading about 200 of us through a group meditation as a wind-up to the weekend.

I remember just before we got started, a voice spoke to me very clearly and said, “Go lie down, Ann.”  I had received this kind of guidance before and I knew not to argue.  So, even though I didn’t normally lie down to meditate and everyone else was seated in their chairs, I went and found a space on the floor and settled down.

I couldn’t even tell you what the teacher said after that, because what happened next forever changed my worldview.

All of a sudden, I went completely ‘inside’ of myself and my body began shaking, uncontrollably.  And I remember that a part of me was ‘watching’ this happen and I recalled thinking, “Oh!  Someone would think I was having an epileptic seizure if they were watching me.”  There was no judgment of this, just an observation.

And as my body shook without anything I could do about it, tears began streaming down my face, but I wasn’t aware that I was crying.

And then this feeling of overwhelming awe began to overtake me.

And then it happened.

I was literally flung before God.

In that moment, everything went startlingly silent.  I’ve never experienced a silence and stillness like that in my life.  God, of course, did not appear as a man or a woman.  It appeared as a swirling spectrum of colour and energy.  But I knew, without a shadow of a doubt what this was.

In this beholding (where God was beholding me and I was beholding God) the shaking stopped.  I was in complete and utter awe.  This was Source.  This was everything.

And then I was asked a question.  The question was, Are you ready?

I said no.

And I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that any answer that I gave was going to be accepted equally; lovingly.  I was given one last, visceral glimpse into eternity and then I ‘woke up.’

It wasn’t until about 6 months ago or so that I even remembered that I had been asked that question in my God experience.  But one day, while I was in the forest behind my house, it came back.

And I know why.  It came back to remind me that the question was being asked of me again.  Something inside of me was saying, let’s try this again, Ann. 

This time, my answer was YES.  Yes, I am ready.

And this is pretty flipping scary when you have no idea what you’re saying yes to.

So, how do you know when the Divine comes calling for you?  After all, there are endless portals through which God can get your attention.

Deep, personal challenge.  This is big.  And so often when we’re faced with something difficult, we feel like we simply couldn’t take our hands off the wheel. But the call is to do the very opposite.  Take your hands off the wheel and find out what God might have in store for you that is better than what you could have imagined for yourself. After all, our worldview is so limited.  God’s is unlimited.

Heightened intuition or vision.  When you find yourself knowing things before they happen or running into synchronicity or feeling overcome by a sense to do something, change something, let go of something, that is God trying to get your attention.  And again, it’s always up to you what you do with this.  This is the free will that we have here.  A path is lit up in front of you and you can either walk it or not.

Spoiler alert:  One way or another, you’ll walk it.

A sense of restlessness.  You know those times when you’re in the routine, you’re doing your thing and life is simply flowing.  It all feels pretty effortless and perhaps a bit mundane.  Then there are times when the routine, the ‘day to day’ is somehow feeling off; even unfamiliar.  And you think to yourself, if something doesn’t change or shift here, I’m going to lose it!  Yep. That’s God asking you to come and look at something different.

So once you know that you’re being called upon, how do you decipher its language?

You don’t.  It doesn’t need deciphering.  When God calls upon you, all he/she/they want to know is if you’re interested in saying YES.  Your yes is all it needs.  That’s it.

But once you say ‘yes’ be prepared.  Be prepared for anything.

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