Your Unique Map To Vibrant Health

I believe it is part of our sacred contract to decipher our own unique expression of health. While a hardcore spiritualist would say, You are not your body (and they are right), our spirits have entrusted these bodies of ours to carry out its various expressions while in human form. In other words, we are only able to live a fully human experience (as a spirit having a human experience) if our bodies are healthy and vibrant. This is not to say that sick people can not have a rich experience. I was sick for more than 20 years with Crohn’s Disease and it taught me more about life than anything else. However, I would not, in a million years, choose to move through my life as a sick person. It is limiting. It is painful. It is difficult. It can render you hopeless. I don’t believe we were meant to come here and struggle through illness. But we do.

Perhaps the struggle is about how to map out your road to health. If it weren’t for my living with a chronic illness for years, I wouldn’t eat the way that I do. Without refined sugar, without gluten, without processed foods. I juice once (sometimes twice) every single day. I infuse my body with live, living, vibrant produce every day. I drink clean, filtered water in large amounts. I try to move my body as fluidly as I can and as often as I can. I typically don’t drink alcohol (although I would if I didn’t feel like shit when I did) and I get a LOT of sleep.

There was a time when I did the exact opposite of all of these things. I was a processed food junkie. I drank my ass off. I smoked. I didn’t exercise. I stayed up late and was basically my health’s worst enemy. There was nothing vibrant about me. Despite what makeup and dressing could do for me, I was not a vibrant being. I had low energy, was moody, and uninspired; all symptoms of lacking health.

In the last few years, I’ve literally been mapping out my road to vibrant health. When you’ve lived so long without good health, it becomes a bit of an obsession. But its an obsession worth having. And it’s relatively easy to map out.

Is your energy lacking?

Do you sleep well or is sleep erratic or lacking for you?

How is your diet? Do you eat for nourishment? Do you eat for emotional reasons? Do you eat for any reason other than to enliven your cells with peak nourishment?

Are you moody?

Does your energy drop significantly at certain points in your day?

Are you prone to infections and viruses?

Is your skin clear and glowing?

Are you angry a lot of the time?

Any and/or all of these are signposts that you are out of alignment with your wellbeing. I speak a lot about mental and emotional wellbeing. But there is no difference between mental and emotional wellbeing and physical wellbeing. In fact, you can not have one without the other; not completely. You might be in great physical shape. You might run or lift weights or ride your bike, but if your mental/emotional state is off, your body will be wearing it. Somewhere, somehow.

Likewise, if you have nurtured your mental/emotional states and have cleaned up old wounds, etc…wonderful. BUT, without a clean and fit body, you can only go so far as a vibrant being.

I’ll give you an example of this. Our organs and body parts are intimately connected to our emotions. Someone with a congested liver is most likely carrying anger. What came first? The congested liver or the anger? It doesn’t matter. The point is, to identify and clear the anger AND flush out the liver with detoxification and diet. You can’t successfully do one without the other.

Here are some important steps to take towards your unique map to vibrant health:

1. Start with a 3 day detox. During the 3 days, you can consume pure vegetable and fruit juice OR you can simply consume water. My personal recommendation would be to do some juicing. It will keep your energy up and infuse your cells with fresh, live foods.

2. After your 3 day detox, only add in non-allergenic foods. These would be most fruits and vegetables. Most meat (with more of a leaning towards lean, organic meats and fresh water fish). Raw and unsalted nuts and seeds. And, of course, continue with the juicing.

3. Leave out all grains, including and especially gluten, rice, oats and corn. Leave out dairy. Dairy is the number one allergen in the world. Most people stop producing the enzyme lactase after the age of 2. Leave out refined sugar.

4. After a week on a completely non-allergenic diet, slowly start to reintroduce foods. Start with non-gluten grains. Oats, rice and corn. Introduce one food at a time and for 4 days at a time, before introducing the next food. Leave gluten/wheat to the last. Same with fluid milk. You can introduce yogurt and cheese earlier on. This is effectively called an Elimination Diet. It is the number way to determine where your food sensitivities lie. When you have a food sensitivity and continue to consume that food, it ultimately breaks down digestion and has a debilitating effect on your immunity. Eating intolerable foods also effect your mood. Big time.

5. Move your body. Try walking or yoga or weight lifting. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just move it.

6. Go to bed early! The quality of sleep in the hours before midnight generates the best sleep results. Go to bed early and wake up at the same time each morning.

Most of all, listen to your body. You know when you’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with you. All it takes is for you to pay yourself a little attention. You know when you have become sedentary. Everything is based in momentum. Bad habits generate as much momentum as good habits. Find out what your unique path to vibrant health is and step into it. It is so much easier to live preventatively than it is to live reactively, later on. Reacting to ill health always comes with a price.

You are worth the vibrance that is your birthright. You are worth it to feel amazing every single day of your life. You’ve only got one of these lives. Live it to its fullest and allow your Spirit to experience vibrancy and health. You deserve this.

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