Your Relationship With The Truth

Do you want to become enlightened right now? Right this very second? It’s easy. Remove every last shred of dishonesty within yourself, to yourself, to everyone else and to your relationship with Spirit. And it will be done.

Becoming utterly, unapologetically, unabashedly honest with yourself and the world around you is the only tool you will ever need for enlightenment. It is also the one act that will change your life completely.

One of the best known statements that was recorded was of Jesus declaring, “The truth will set you free.” Never were more profound words ever spoken.

When you start thinking and relating and speaking the truth, everything changes. You stop deluding yourself, first and foremost. You stop blaming others, the world, institutions for your (perceived) misgivings. You stop feeling like a victim. You stop thinking and saying things that steer you away from love. Instead, you think and speak and act in accordance with your highest intelligence.

When you’re grappling with an important decision, get really, really honest with yourself. This means, letting go of what you feel others would expect you to do. This is not your truth. You let go of making a fear-based decision. This also is not your truth and will not reflect your truth. You already know what to do. It’s always there…that voice…quietly guiding you.

You may have to sit with it for awhile. You may question it. But it will always come back to the same destination.

Your truth is always there, waiting for you to see it. Waiting for you to act on it. And when you do, everything changes. Consciousness is born and you step into it.

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