Vegetarian Vs Meat Eating Diets: Is it REALLY a Moral Argument?

I’ve been playing with different diets for years now.  When I decided that I was going to completely overcome Crohn’s Disease, I knew that diet was going to play a pivotal role.  I had already spent years healing old, negative belief systems that I no longer wanted running my show.  I felt great and light mentally and emotionally and I knew it was time to address my physical body.

What was I putting in it?  What was I putting on it?  What products was I using to wash my clothes, my hair, my body?  I wanted to avoid as much of the chemical onslaught that we’re faced with on a daily basis.  And finally, I turned to what I was eating.

The first diet that I tried was a vegetarian diet.  We’re told it’s the healthiest diet in the world.  We’re told that we’ll live longer, avoid heart disease, certain cancers and will, at the same time, stop contributing to the senseless killing of animals.

The China Study, a massive study by Dr.  T. Colin Campbell, details how a vegetarian diet significantly reduces our chances of getting heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

We’ve been told that meat is not good for us and and that we simply don’t require it in order to thrive and be healthy.  And then there’s the animal debate.

But first, back to my first foray into the world of vegetarianism.

My first few days on a vegetarian diet were great.  I was eating tons of fresh vegetables and fruit and distinctly recall upping my water intake significantly.  I felt great!  I was definitely detoxing and my skin looked amazing.

Fast forward 3 months.

I felt like shit.  

My energy was gone.  My skin was pale and I wasn’t sleeping well.  My tummy was bloated and I wasn’t exactly thriving.  In fact, I felt like I was circling the drain.

I went out for dinner one night with my husband, sister and brother-in-law.  I was slumped at the table and feeling horrible.  Everyone, of course, noticed.  I was told to order the chicken.

“No!” I said, “I’m a vegetarian now!”  But after some lofty convincing and really a you-have-no-choice-Ann, back and forth, I gave in and ordered the chicken.

Fast forward 20 minutes.

I felt alive again!

I really did.  My energy came tumbling back in.  The colour in my face returned and I actually felt happy.

Little did I realize, at that time, that for me, I can’t do a vegetarian diet.  As much as I wanted to, it wasn’t going to fly.  I had a history of aggressive Crohn’s Disease and my protein needs were higher than most.  I say ‘than most’ because none of us can live without protein.  Every cell in our bodies requires it and there are few functions that don’t utilize it.

I really struggled with needing to eat meat for a long time.  I felt like I should be able to eat the diet that most conformed with my sense of morality.  Not my biology.

But here’s the thing…

Whether we like it or not, we are biological beings that require very particular elements in order to survive and thrive.

We can run the moralistic script all we like when it comes to what we eat.  But our biology will override the morality every single time.  After all, we are spiritual beings living out a human experience.  Notice that we are not spiritual beings living out a non-physical experience.  If we were, the rules of the game would be completely different.

Notice that animals have never (and will never) make a moralistic argument for what they eat.  They eat what their particular species is designed to eat.  Some animals eat plant foods.  Some animals eat other animals.

They do what they need to do in order to survive and thrive.  What they don’t do is base their food choices on a moralistic argument.

Caroline Myss, who is a pioneer in the field of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, and health put it best when she said this:  At some point along your spiritual evolution, you need to check your morality at the door.

Say, what?!

Doesn’t this fly in the face of every spiritual teaching out there?  No, in fact, it doesn’t.

What it means is that you, and only you, can know what’s best for you.  No outside teaching, institution, set of moral codes, social rules, ancestral bents or medical advice can ever be your compass.  Your compass sits deep inside of YOU.  You know what makes you tick.  You know what keeps you healthy.  You know what lights your fire.  No one else.

So, using a moral argument to determine what you should eat and how you should eat is ludicrous.  Your metabolic type determines that.  Your health history determines that.  Your biology determines that.

I know tons of people who are vegetarians.  The ones that do the best on this diet have very little if no history of health issues.  These people, in fact, are the heartiest people I know.  They have great constitutions and can get away with eating a meatless diet.  In fact, our resident juicer here at The Nourished Soul, Jennae, is a vegetarian and a picture of incredible health.  She’s thriving.  She made the decision, years ago, to give up meat and it worked for her.  But she was conscious enough of her body to see that it worked.  There may have been a moral imperative that led her into vegetarianism, but it was her response to the diet that kept her going.  She found her way.  She found out what worked.

This is not an article about vegetarianism vs meat-eating.  This is an article about getting to know yourself well enough and the willingness to kick the moralistic argument to the curb.  It is about following the needs and requests of your unique biological entity and having the commitment to give it what it needs most.

Yes, we are spiritual beings first, but we are living out our spiritual experiences through biological bodies.  And if you’ve been somehow misinformed that the body is irrelevant or doesn’t matter (because it all goes away anyway) than you might want to revisit that notion.  It does matter.

Personally, I want the physical freedom and radiance to live as fully as I possibly can.  I’ve been on both ends.  I’ve been a spiritual being in a very sick body and a spiritual being a very healthy body.  I’ll pick the latter anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

4 Responses to “Vegetarian Vs Meat Eating Diets: Is it REALLY a Moral Argument?”
  1. Melissa says:

    Yes, I wholeheartedly agree! I think deep down we all know (if we take the time) what is good and not good for our bodies. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Sue says:

    Annie, I love this article because you allow that what might be great for one person doesn’t always work for someone else. Always honest. I also think our body-needs change from time to time, and what works for someone for a long while may need to be changed as our body changes. Thoughtful article. xo

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