The World Needs You

There is something in you that the world needs. How do I know that? Because you’re here, aren’t you? You exist.

You already know what that something is, on your deepest level, even if you feel unsure.

Your passions are a good place to start. What fires you up? What do you dream, fantasize, google, research, read, think and wonder about?

That is your offering.

And it may not be as obvious as you think.

You may, for example, love animals. Does that mean you’re meant to be a zoologist? Maybe. Maybe you’re meant to be involved in animal rights. Maybe you’re supposed to be a vet. Or maybe you’re just supposed to be a wonderful and loving pet owner to various pets throughout your life.

Do not mistake the your ‘offering’ to this world as something necessarily grand. It might be. Or it may be subtle. Seemingly small.

It. Does. Not. Matter.

What matters is that you have something in you that the world needs.

So stop worrying about what other people will think of you. They have no idea what the world needs from you and can never know. Leave them be.

Stop worrying that the execution of your offering will fail. So what if it does? Perhaps its the offering itself that is most important; not the outcome.

Stop worrying that you’re doing it right. Offer it up, someway, somehow, and that’s all you need to worry about.

And, for God’s sake, don’t wait. Don’t wait for you to be perfect, ready, enough, courageous, prepared, focused, unbreakable. You’ve only got right now to offer it up. And the world needs it now.

After all, you are part of this world that needs something from you. That means YOU need something from you. YOU are waiting for you to offer it up. This is not a selfless act. In fact, it is a very selfish act that will just so happen to be the very thing that the world needs from you as well.

Find out from yourself what this is. Follow no one else’s footsteps. You’ll step out in the wrong direction if you do. Put one foot in front of the other and offer it up.

The world is waiting on you.

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