The Top 5 Reasons Why We’re Sick, Fat & Unhappy

What is going on in our environment that is making us one of the most sickly, overweight and stressed out generations in history?  We have some of the most up-to-date medical advances in history and science is cutting-edge. So why are autoimmune diseases, cancer rates, diabetes, and mental illness at an all-time high? What is happening that our children are stressed out and adults are sicker than ever?

Here are some of the Top 5 Reasons why we’re sick, fat and unhappy.

  1. We’re Over-Fed and Undernourished
  • We live in a world of plenty – there is always something fast and yummy to eat – foods of convenience are killing us
  • We’re eating more but we’re getting less nourishment than ever before
  • We’re carb-loading and it’s making our bodies and brains sick and fat
  • We’re eating processed, packaged “food” that actually isn’t food
  • We’ve become terrified of fat, when good fats are essential to our physical and mental health
  1. We’re Over-worked and Underplayed
  • We are celebrating long, driven hours and have even coined self-aggrandizing phrases such as, “I’m crazy busy”
  • Downtime is considered by many as laziness
  • We are over-scheduling ourselves, our kids and our lives
  • We’ve come to depend on always having something to do (constantly checking our phones and our social media accounts)
  • Doing “nothing” seems absurd to us now
  • We don’t really have unstructured play as much as structured activities where we need to learn new skills and ‘perform’ 
  1. We’re Over-Medicated and Not Dirty Enough
  • The overuse of antibiotics is wreaking havoc on our digestive systems
  • Hand sanitizers deplete the body of crucial bacteria
  • Washing everyday
  • Not getting our hands dirty (and letting them stay dirty)
  • Afraid of sweat
  1. We’re Isolated and Under-Socialized
  • Sitting behind our computers and phones with not enough “facetime”
  • Getting together under ‘structured’ events rather than just being with each other
  • Compartmentalizing our lives rather than gathering within our communities
  1. We’re Under-Loved and Over-Criticized
  • The entire marketing regime/machine relies on ONE THING: That you are NOT ENOUGH (guess what?  it’s NOT true!)
  • This insatiable need to be perfect: The perfect body, the perfect parent, the perfect house, perfect health
  • Not meeting ourselves exactly where we are at any given moment
  • Forgetting that we’re always enough

 In our world of plenty, we’ve diverted from a simpler, dirtier, more loving and fun way of life. We think that the more sanitized, sterilized, vaccinated, chemically-treated and fast-paced we are, the better.

Let’s remember a few key points that can make a HUGE difference in our mental and physical states of health:

  • Eat real food only – shop the periphery of your grocery store and hit up your local farmer’s markets
  • Throw away any antibacterial or sterilization agents
  • Stay away from antibiotics as much as possible
  • Supplement your diet with fermented foods or take a probiotic daily
  • Eat organic produce and pasture-raised meat
  • Socialize as much as possible
  • Remember that marketing engines are there to convince you of your ineptitude…don’t believe it!
  • Play everyday…get silly…sing, dance, shout, be inappropriate when you can (my personal favorite)
  • Get out in nature everyday and breathe!

 Most of all, consider living a simpler life. Remember what is most important: That we love and are loved; that we live with as much vibrancy and health as we can; that we trust in the flow of life and stop trying so damn hard.



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