The Surprising Recipe To Find and Attract Your Tribe

What if I were to tell you that there was a clever way for you to live your most authentic life and find the people who were meant to ride this wave with you? Would I have your attention?

What if I were to tell you that the ingredients to this recipe actually contain the most valuable and life-altering measures you’ll ever take?

So, here goes.

The Surprising Recipe To Find and Attract Your Tribe * Serves: The Exact Number of People Who Have Been Waiting For You * Prep Time: 0 Minutes * Bake Time: As Long As It Takes


  • 1 ounce of Radical Self-Honesty
  • 2 Tbsp of Knowing Yourself Really, Really Well
  • 3 Cups of Bravery
  • Dash of Speaking Your Truth…at all times
  • Pinch of Being Really Present So You Can KNOW, Moment to Moment, What You Most Need and Want

We take our first ingredient, Radical Self-Honesty, and we get…well…really bloody honest with ourselves. What do we love most? What are our biggest priorities? And be damned what we think they should be. What means the most to YOU? For me, if I am really, really honest, I want love, I want to give love (this might even take precedence over receiving love), I want to express myself without condemnation (and that is really my own condemnation), I want to laugh with others and make them laugh, and I want peace. These are my basic needs and desires and wants.

Then, we add in Knowing Yourself Really, Really Well. This ingredient might take some digging. We might need to revisit this. Many of us think we know ourselves really well and yet what we know is a version or reflection of what was either expected of us as children, or now, what we perceive to be expected of us as adults. Some of us live to be accepted rather than live to express who we really are and what makes us tick. I’ll give you a personal example of this. I am a lover of anything natural. I believe that, because we are sourced from nature and nature is what sustains literally everything, that attuning ourselves to our natural environments and living as naturally as possible is incredibly important. So, when I’ve been ill (and the first 20 years of my life were lived with severe, chronic illness) and my doctors wanted to suppress my symptoms with pharmaceuticals, this has never sat right with me. It wasn’t until I found lifestyle medicine and began eating in accordance to nature and living in accordance to nature’s rhythms, that I began to really thrive. So, for me, knowing myself really, really, well has not only been a crucial ingredient to my own personal recipe, but it has changed my life in dramatic and far-reaching ways.

Next, we add in wonderful, yummy Bravery. Bravery just might be the backbone to this entire recipe mix because without Bravery we can never really step into our true shoes and find our tribe. Without speaking your truth (which takes bravery) and owning yourself, even in the face of adversity (which takes a hell of a lot of bravery) and making decisions that reflect your truth, you aren’t actually living your truth, you’re simply thinking about living your truth.

Our next ingredient is, Speaking Our Truth…at all times. This is a biggie. This is about losing any and all ‘Imposter Energy’ and speaking in a way that most reflects YOU. This ingredient requires all preceding ingredients in order to work. It requires that you are radically honest with yourself so that you can bring that honesty to expression. It requires you to know yourself really, really well, so that you know what the hell you’re talking about when you do deem to speak your truth. And it requires a great deal of bravery.

Here’s the thing. Your truth is not going to sit well with everyone. Your truth is going bug the shit out of some people. Your truth might even make it impossible for others to be in your life. And that’s ok. Because your truth is like a beacon in the night, beckoning those people who will resonate with you and that want to share your ideas and might even need your guidance so that they can step into their own truth.

And finally, this recipe requires one final and crucial ingredient.

Being Really Present So You Can KNOW, Moment to Moment, What You Most Need and Want. Say that one 5 times fast!  This is the one that will keep you on your toes and force you to continuously check in with yourself to ensure that you are being true to yourself and expressing that truth, moment to moment.

After all, we are creatures of evolution. We are constantly shifting and changing and so are our needs and wants. What we wanted at 15 is likely going to be a far cry from what we want at 40. So we stay as present with ourselves and our lives as much as possible. People change. Relationships change. Our health shifts. Our ideas of fun evolve. Stay present to all of it. It’s all a feedback loop that, when you are very present, can lead you to exactly where you’re meant to be.

But most importantly, it allows your tribe to find you.

This is it. We’ve got one shot at any given life. This is not a dress rehearsal so don’t present yourself in some rehearsed fashion.

Be real. Be honest. Be brave. Be expressive.

You are here, which means the world is waiting on you. The world is waiting on you to be exactly who you are. There are people waiting to be with you because of who you are. There are careers, babies, friends, lovers, destinations, scenarios, choices and events that have been lined up for you, well in advance of you coming here that, only when you step into your authentic self, can present themselves.

But mostly, you are waiting for You. You are the leader of your own Tribe. Step up and assume your role. You know, deep down, what that is. You won’t walk this path alone. Step into your truth and call in your tribe. They’ve waited long enough.





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