The Power of Allowing

As we move through our lives, we have times that go really, really well and times that don’t go so well for us.  The movement of our lives is something we have no control over.  They go where they go.

Perhaps they were planned a long, long time ago and perhaps Intelligence itself is simply steering these ships.  Regardless, our lives go where they go.

Where things go wrong for us…where we step into pain…where we begin to feel stuck and hopeless…is the same space where we look at our lives and say, NO.

When we say NO to what is, we inevitably move into pain.  How is that?  Why is that?

Resistance to what is, is very, very painful.  It’s not what is that feels so rotten. It’s our saying NO to what is that feels so rotten.

It feels painful to us because, in resistance, our bodies become contracted.  We clench.  Our jaws our held a little tighter.  Our muscles stiffen.  Our hearts pound a little harder.  And movement slows.  We may even stop moving.  Our feet get stuck on the ground beneath us because resistance stops us in our tracks. Because we’ve just said NO to life.

Say you’ve lost your job.  Or you’ve gotten sick.  Or you’re getting divorced. Something happens that is being experienced as painful.

So we behold our reality and we say NO.

Did you read the subtext there?

We’re saying NO to reality.  We’re saying NO to what is.

That’s the pain point.

Now, let’s say we do the opposite.  Let’s say we get into complete agreement with reality.

This is not to say we get into complete agreement with our story of reality.  “I’m sick and I know this isn’t going to go well.  I’m probably going to get cancer. What if I die and leave my kids with no one?  This is a disaster.”

This is our ego’s version or story of reality.  And it actually has nothing to do with reality.  So here’s what we can do instead.

“Right now, my body is moving and processing is a particular way.  It’s not good or bad.  Sometimes there’s pain.  Sometimes there’s mild discomfort.  There’s fatigue.  Okay.  This is what’s up right now.  Okay.”  Breathe.  Look around.  What else is happening?  Do you hear laughter in the background?  Can you look outside and notice the trees?  Is the sun shining?  Breathe.  Can you allow what is happening in your body?  Because, after all, it is happening.  So, can you let go of your resistance to it?  Can you say, okay, rather than scream NO!!!!”

Herein lies the difference:  In the scenario described above, we relax.  We stop controlling something we actually have no control over.  Our bodies become expansive rather than contracted.  And we might even…wait for it…move into peace within our current circumstances.  No matter what it looks like.

From that space of allowing, where we’ve become expansive and peaceful, a flow returns to our bodies and our lives.  Because we’re no longer saying NO to our experience and instead we’re saying YES, a beautiful flow returns.

From that flow, new life emerges.

Think of what happens in the spring.  The ice thaws.  The snow starts to melt and there is literally a flow that emerges in nature.  Rivers start running.  Sap begins to trickle down the trunks of trees.  Birds fly back.  The soil awakens and from its underbelly, flowers bloom.

Can you imagine if winter refused to let go and told spring, NO!?  Can you imagine?

But instead, in the letting go, new life emerges.  And it’s the same with us.

We think we can control what our lives look like and where they’re going.  We can’t.  But the innate Intelligence of this Universe has your back.  It’s got this.

Saying NO to reality can only cause pain.  Stuckness.

Saying YES allows the blossoming of new life.  So whatever it is that you’re resisting, see what saying YES to it and allowing it to be exactly as it is…see what emerges from that space.

Life is not meant to break our hearts.  It’s meant to wake us up.  Say yes.  Wake up.  Step out of pain.  Be free.


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  1. Julie says:

    You are a gift.

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