The New Children

There is no doubt about it. We’re entering into a New Age. Various cultures and mystics documented the volatility and potential of this time in early discourses and texts. It’s been referred to as The Golden Age. It is said that this earth and all of its inhabitants will graduate. We will graduate to a higher level of consciousness and will do so out of necessity.

We’re seeing glimpses of this everywhere. Our weather patterns have become extremely erratic. Economies, world-wide are collapsing due to our misuse of money and materials. This planet is warming up at unprecedented rates. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions are occurring at epidemic rates.

And yet…

People are, for the first time in history, publicly, openly, speaking about WAKING UP. Some of us are intensely questioning a number of the socially conditioned practices that, for years, were considered safe. We’re thinking about food and nutrition in ways never before considered. We’re embracing prevention and scrutinizing reaction. We’re talking and thinking and sharing ideas that are imbued with compassion, empathy and community.

And then there’s the children…

In the mid 70′s, a new ‘breed’ of child began emerging. The Indigo. In a nutshell, Indigo children have come here armed with a higher consciousness. They think differently and feel differently. In fact, a number of these now young adults have had quite a struggle fitting into a socially conditioned, unconscious world. Indigos have dealt with anger and self-loathing and awkwardly finding their way. They are incredibly connected to Spirit but are existing in a world that is not. They, quite literally, have an Indigo aura. They’re winning the struggle in that, the rest of the world seems to be rubbing the sleep out of their eyes and asking important and life-changing questions. They know when they are being lied to or manipulated. And they can’t tolerate it. They’re here to break down conventions and conservative thinking. They’re very strong-willed and are here to change things.

In the early 90′s, another, even more conscious child began to emerge. The Crystal Child. These children are very obvious to anyone who really looks and observes. They are best identified by their eyes. They’re eyes sparkle and shine like crystals. They are highly sensitive and psychic. They love music and will often learn to sing before they talk. They often stare at people and seem very intense in their gaze. This is because they’re literally reading and assessing their energy. My daughter, who is a Crystal, has been doing this since she was about 6 months old. People would comment at how ‘sharp’ her stare was at them. And I knew. I knew she was simply sizing them up. They are sensitive to loud noises. They crave nature. They’re highly empathic and forgiving. Their bodies have a very hard time processing sugar, additives and processed foods.

In the last 10 years we’ve seen the arrival of The Rainbow Children. These children come in with no karma. They have no karma because they’ve never incarnated before. They have no “past.” They don’t have anything to learn here like the rest of us. They are simply here to shine unconditional love and light into this world at a time when it needs it the most. They are the ultimate healers on this planet. And there are very few of them here. They are being born of some very early Crystal Children, who are now having their own children. This earth has never seen anything like these children. They will ultimately heal this planet.

As more and more of this light-bodied human being inhabits this tired and bruised planet, we’ll see a change. We already are. These changes involve telling the truth; allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and open; not tolerating bigotry or hate or greed; embracing everyone, no matter what they look like or where they come from.

This planet is either going to shift and flourish or it is going to wither and die. It’s up to us. It is said that the whole Universe is sitting up, watching us with great anticipation. It’s waiting to see what our next steps will be. Will we finally start to love ourselves and each other? Can we forgive the atrocities of the past? Can we start being kind to this earth that literally houses, shelters, feeds and keeps us alive? Can we say NO to corporate greed, factory farming, political control, pharmaceutical poisoning, jealousy, fear and manipulation? Can we BE the example for our children rather than telling them how to be conscious, aware human beings?

If you suspect you have a child that is either Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow, there are some great practices that you can put into place that will help them flourish. Feed them really, really well. This can’t be overlooked. If you can, whole, natural, organic foods are best. Leave out the processed, artificial, sugary, wheat-based foods. Artificial coloring in foods is horrible for these children. Allow them to fully feel and express their emotions, frustrations, sadness, anger, excitability. Even if these emotions make us uncomfortable, it is really important to allow and encourage these kids to be okay with what comes up for them. This way, they won’t learn to suppress or resent simple, human emotion. Get them outside as much as possible. These kids need contact with the natural world. Talk to them about trees and the cycles they go through. Talk to them about animals and insects and honey bees and flowers. This is literally where our batteries are re-charged. Go out often. Give them a break. Keep them home from school the odd day. Just for the hell of it. Don’t frame it as, “you’ve been such a good girl or boy, that mommy is keeping you home today!” In fact, don’t make a big deal out of it at all. Just go have fun.

We’re living in a rapidly changing world. These little ones (and some of them are not so little anymore) know it. They’re done with the bullshit and the greed and the lack of awareness. They’re begging and pleading us to love each other again. Be the example. Be the change you want to see in this world.

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