The Energetics of Illness

Years ago, when I started treating my Crohn’s disease outside of conventional medicine, the first place I went was to the energetics of my disease process.

Everything comes with an energy. In fact, underneath everything is all just energy.

When we want to heal from the roots up, we have to look at what we eat and what our environment looks like. But we can’t overlook what is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of unraveling the bounds of disease.

This is what we call the initial and triggering energy.

In my experience in my own unraveling and in helping others unravel their own illnesses, there is always an energetic component. And it’s usually the very first trigger in what becomes a long line of pain triggers.

In order to understand the energetics of your disease, illness or pain (be it physical, mental or emotional) you must first ask yourself some crucial questions:

What was happening in my life in the year or so when I first felt this pain? 

What could I not reconcile?

How was I with myself at that time? Did I repress, deny, push away, defend or shame myself in any way?

Was there something (an issue/worry/fear/regret/anger) that kept coming up over and over again around the time of the onset of illness or pain?

For example, people with autoimmune disease often turn away from themselves. Just as the immune system begins to betray the very host its job is to defend, people with autoimmunity, in some way, betray themselves.

Diabetics often feel overwhelming responsibility to the people in their lives and so the ‘sweetness’ of life is pushed aside.

Breast cancer is all about feeling undernourished. It is an experience of not feeling nurtured or cared for at some point in life.

The energetics of prostate cancer has an association with sexual guilt.

Kidneys hold extreme fear.

Lungs, and lung issues are repressed grief and tears.

Multiple sclerosis, where one eventually loses control of their body is often about, as you may have guessed, deep issues with control.

Our bodies are always speaking to us. And they always speak in symbols. We just need to learn how to decipher its language.

When we really sit down with ourselves and get to know the mechanics of our childhood, how we got to here and now, what our fears are, and what our beautiful bodies hold on our behalf, we can start to crack the codes of our dysfunctions.

When we start to unravel our own mysteries, the only place we can go is to love. Our bodies hold so much on our behalf. Love them back to health. Love those stuck places within you where you felt like you had to retreat, feel shame, betray yourself, control, shut down, rage, or deny yourself in any way.

We don’t heal by cracking the whip. That doesn’t work. We heal by walking into those places within and turning on the lights. And then we love, love and love some more.

Think this is wishy-washy? Nonsense? I’ve got a simple exercise for you.

Think of something within you that’s painful. Anything at all. It can be physical pain or emotional pain. Then bring up that energy and see where, in your body you feel this pain most.  Even emotional pain is held somewhere within the body.

Breathe into it and allow it to expand.

Now…can you accept that pain? Can you accept the you that feels this pain? Can you behold this pain and say to it, “I accept you.”

And maybe…just maybe, can you love this pain? After all, it has only been trying to get your attention. In fact, by the time it gets to the painful point, it is desperate to get your attention.

I think of pain like a child who is tugging on her mother’s sleeve. Please see me. Please hear me, it says.

And when we see and hear, the game changes. Quickly. Healing begins. We reintegrate. We come back home to ourselves again.

Just like the child who is in pain who goes to her parent for nothing but comfort and love, when she receives that love…that empathic response of, I see you and I feel what you’re going through, the child calms down and feels better. Why? She’s been seen and she’s been heard.

Our pain only wants the same. It doesn’t want to be ‘fixed,’ and it doesn’t want to be sent packing (like that’s possible, anyway).  Just love it like you would a child in pain and see what happens.  Be prepared.  It changes everything.

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  1. Juice Master Jennae says:

    Annie!! I LOVE THIS POST! It is absolutely true. You’re an angel.

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