The Art of Surrender

We live in a new age world.  This world tells us to watch our thoughts…be careful what we think…that worry is like carving out the future you don’t want.

We’re told we can manifest anything we want.  We’re told that if we just focus on the positive, that life will go in the direction that we want it to.

And yet we have times when we’re not positive.  We go through periods where we sit in deep worry, grief, pessimism and even anguish.

Are we to diminish, ignore, repress or throw away those thoughts and feelings for the sake of an imagined future we’re told that we’re slated to create?

Talk about exhausting.

I’ve got a much simpler plan.  One that requires no overarching effort and one that doesn’t require you to deny the feelings that come up in you.  It’s a plan that honours all of the feelings, fears and worries, while simultaneously allowing your life to go in the direction of its highest potential.

It’s called Surrender.

In order to go into the energy of surrender, we may have let go of some previously held beliefs about this act of faith.  And make no mistake.  Surrender is, if nothing else, an act of faith.

Let’s say you have something in your life that is not going well.  So, that would include every single person on the face of the earth.  It’s called being human. Anyhoo…

So, you’re dealing with something unpleasant.  Facing a tough decision. Grappling with a loss.  Life is not panning out the way you had previously thought…or, ahem, intended.

You’ve got some choices to draw from.  You can really buckle down and get your thoughts in line.  Because as we all know, we have iron-clad control over our thoughts…cue my smirk.  You can begin the battle royale with your thoughts (you know…only positive thoughts for this new ager!!!), OR, you do the following.

You see yourself in the inner battle that you’re currently experiencing. You feel the feelings of distress or worry or confusion or grief within you.  You realize that these feelings, like anything else that is having a hard time, just want your attention.  They are yearning to be heard and acknowledged.  So you go to that space within you that is hurting and you love the living daylights out of it.  You see it, accept it and acknowledge it.  You say, “I see you, pain.  I feel you.  And I love you.  I love you so much.”  And you blast that part of you with love until you feel it begin to change.  And we have no idea where it will go from there. It may go to tears (which is the sweetest of relief); it may go to anger (which can tear down the toughest of walls); or it may go to deep inspiration.  The important bit here is that it will MOVE.  It won’t stay stuck in the same place.  It will move.  And once it’s on the move, it will eventually transmute back into its opposite.


Yes.  You read that right.  Loving your stuck places turn those stuck places into their opposite.  Let that sink in.

Someone dealing with deep impatience is the same someone who has the capacity to master his patience.  Why?  Because it’s his thing.  If he’s brave enough to go deeply into his own impatience and accept it fully, and love it completely, it will ultimately transform into its opposite.  It will do that because impatience is actually the same thing as patience.  It’s all on the same continuum.  It’s just allowing yourself to get to know all of its variations.

And all of this is accomplished by one thing:  Surrender.

When we surrender to what is rather than working exhaustively to move toward only assumed positive end results, we become Masters at our own lives.

Surrender is not waving the white flag at the enemy.  How could you or anything within your experience either be the enemy or be outside of you?  Not possible, my friends.

Surrender is waving the white flag at your own resistance to you.  It is saying, “I no longer compartmentalize myself into only Miss Positive, Miss Happy, Miss Healthy, Miss Successful, Miss Gorgeous.”  It is accepting and loving the fact that you are ALL things, simultaneously.  You’re both positive and negative.  You’re both happy and sad.  You’re everything.

When you remove the judgment from those things that we’re told we shouldn’t be (depressed, sick, worried, anguished) and stop resisting them (which, by the way, is the real source of your pain) and turn towards them with love…well…EVERYTHING changes.

I’ve experienced this too many times to deny its power.

You want be the best version of yourself?  Than allow yourself to be the worst version of yourself.  Can you do that without flying off the deep end?  I dare say, you absolutely can.  It is the most freeing, relieving, and monumentally exciting thing that you can ever do.

Because the day you allow yourself to be ugly, sad, angry and ferocious is the same day that you step into your big girl underwear.  And you’ll realize that moving into a positive, happy, healthy, successful, gorgeous place was always going to be your experience.

If you just allowed for their ugly cousin to come to dinner and sit for a while 🙂



2 Responses to “The Art of Surrender”
  1. Nancy says:

    I love this Ann! Very fitting for this time in my life. Thank you for saying the words we all want to hear.

    • admin says:

      Hi Nancy! I’m so happy that this was good for you 🙂 Wishing you lots of surrender at this time in your life…and hoping you’re well 🙂 xo

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