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“Humanity is now faced with a stark choice: Evolve or die. … If the structures of the human mind remain unchanged, we will always end up re-creating the same world, the same evils, the same dysfunction.” Eckhart Tolle

An old client once told me, as we were about to start our session together, that she’d had an a-ha! moment the week before she saw me. She told me that she realized that it’s one thing to be honest and that it’s another thing to seek the truth. This really struck a chord with me. She was so right. We can be honest with ourselves and others, but it’s a whole other ball game to dig deep, and tell the truth.

As we become more conscious, there is only one thing that we can do; only one thing that is actually within our control. Tell ourselves the truth. This is really difficult to do because we’ve become masters at projection. Our life is upsetting because of something or someone else. This is never, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER the truth. As adults, we have this amazing thing called choice.

When you stop projecting your challenges onto others, you have no choice but to sit with yourself and say, “Self, let’s get real.” This requires an opening up that makes people uncomfortable. It challenges very old belief systems and comfort zones. It requires you to lay down your masks, your facades, and see yourself in all of your naked glory.

I used to have my clients go home, and for the next few weeks, look at themselves in the mirror. I mean really look at themselves. Stare into the eyes staring back at them. Look deeply and don’t look away. Do you know how many came back and said they couldn’t do it? It was too uncomfortable. If we can’t get completely naked and vulnerable with ourselves, we have no chance of doing that with another.

The other misstep with the truth is attempting to intellectualize it. This will always take us away from the truth. The mind is an incessant chatterbox that can posture itself as genius at times. Don’t be fooled into thinking it can take you into the caverns of your soul. It just can’t. So to come at this with, as the Buddhists say, no mind, is your most direct route to your true self.

This is why meditation is so adept at unraveling us. You need no intention to meditate. You actually need nothing. The whole point of meditation is to let go of the thinking mind and, at some point, enter into the Divine Mind. This is where magic happens. Although the point of meditation is to do nothing, everything spouts from its practice. Meditation has been known to cure people of disease. It has dragged people out of depression and back to joy. It has uncovered old, repressed memories that have held people captive for years or decades. I’ve witnessed spontaneous healing during meditation. And it is said that the more people who can gather together to meditate, the more powerful the effects.

I was at such a large-scale gathering about 6 years ago in Phoenix, Arizona. I was in a room with about 300 other people. I had been working with a spiritual teacher at the time and we were gathered for one of his weekend workshops. We came back after a lunch break and the teacher asked us to get comfortable so we could do a group meditation. For some reason, I had the feeling that I needed to lie down on the floor for this. And this was uncharacteristic of my meditation practice, because I always sit in a chair to meditate.

I lay down on the floor and the lights were turned down (which I was very grateful for later on…). I can’t even tell you how or what the teacher said to lead us through this particular meditation. But one thing was very clear. There were 300 or more people gathered in the same room who, at the same time, were willing to drop their thinking minds and let go the Divine Mind, for a moment in time. That is more powerful than you can know.

I felt myself dropping away. My entire body began to shake. Convulse might be a more apt description. I literally had no control over this and I simply let it happen. I’ll try my very best to describe, in words, what happened next. In my mind’s eye, which of course was now the eye of the Divine, I was brought/flung/suspended before God. I knew it as it was happening. God appeared to me as a blinding, intense, vibrating, all-encompassing light. There was no mistaking what was happening. I could feel tears streaming down my cheeks, and yet I wasn’t crying. The word that can most closely describe what I experienced in that moment was AWE. I wasn’t scared or intimated. I wasn’t encircled in some sweet hug. I was brought to a door that human beings rarely walk through, while still in human form, and the door opened for me.

After a minute or so, my body calmed down and stopped trembling. My eyes slowly opened and I noticed how wet my face was with tears. Every single part of my body was vibrating; alive.

I’ve never been the same.

My own willingness to see my truth and go to those hidden-away places has been challenging. It’s why I originally got sick as a child. There was a real “dig-in-your-heels” attitude that I carried with me. To this day, my knee-jerk compulsion is to close off and defend myself. But my life experiences have forced me open. I am so incredibly grateful for these experiences.

Life continues to challenge me to open because one of my daily mantras is, BRING IT ON. I walk with the intention of having this Universe show me the places where I refuse to go. And every day, I see a little bit more.

You see, we have the only tool we’ll ever need for awareness and peace and joy and aliveness. It lives and breathes within us and is always ready to dance with us when we’re ready. You don’t need to have out-of-body experiences in order to touch that part of yourself. You just have to be honest with yourself. In every moment, of every hour, of every day.

Fooling yourself only makes you a fool.

Be a seeker of the truth within you and you will become like the Grinch. Your heart, however small to begin with, will grow 3 sizes bigger.

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