Sweet Surrender

To intentionally surrender means to invite God fully into your life. It means that you intend to let go of the reigns and hand them over to someone who actually knows what they’re doing.This is not done lightly. Nor is it done with a decent dose of skepticism. We, of course, believe that we are the only ones that can steer our life. And yet, we’ve done such a bang-up job so far, haven’t we?

So often, we come to this place after traveling down a long and difficult road. The road, in fact, began to look so bleak that we had no where else to go. But we’re entering into a different phase on earth. We can elect to surrender to God. We don’t need to be continuously pushing up against something painful. Rather, we can simply choose to surrender because we discover IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO TRULY LIVE.

Letting go is not some lazy act of relinquishment. In fact, it requires so much strength and resolve, it just may be the most difficult mountain we ever climb. It also requires an immense amount of faith. Let’s face it. When we’re in a quandary or we want to accomplish something – anything – we’ve been taught to “go out and get it done.” Essentially, we’ve taught to manipulate circumstances to create what we truly want. And yet the part of us that thinks it can “go out and get it done” is none other than our trusty ego. It is therefore completely inept at getting anything “done” that is meaningful. The ego has no desire to do meaningful things (see a future blog for more on the ego!).

In the surrendered state we let go to a force within us that knows exactly what it’s doing. It is the Master of all Masters. And it does nothing but Love. In fact, it has Loved you into every situation you’ve ever been in and loved you out of any painful situation you’ve ever become attached to. At the very least, it’s called your name, again and again.

Our only crucial mistake here is thinking that we are the doers, the choosers, the deciders, the intenders. And that is really the only time we ever get lost.

In surrender, we take our hands off the wheel and we free-form it (note the use of the word “free”). This bothers a lot of people. We’re taught , especially in New Age circles, that we have the power of intention and thus the power to create. We aren’t necessarily being lied to, but we also aren’t given the full picture.

Here’s the full picture:

We have, within us, a Divine force that is not separate from God. It has the power to create anything of its choosing. But here’s the kicker: It chooses to allow for the synchronistic unfolding in accordance to an infinite momentum of energy. In other words, it’s ALL happening despite our best efforts. So relax, will you?

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