Step Away From The Popularity Contest (…And Be The Person You Were Meant To Be)

What are you here to learn? What are your deepest and most profound desires? What do you love? What blows your hair back at a million miles an hour? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you’re not living.

We are here for one reason and one reason only: As expressions. Expressions of what, you ask? We’re here as expressions of something much bigger than us. Something infinite; conscious; fully loving; fully actualized. We’re here, in our own unique capacities, as unique expressions of ALL THAT IS, to dig deep into our passions and creative impulses and to EXPRESS THAT. We are to continue to EXPRESS THAT until our last breath.

Does it feel to you, at times, that you are existing on some sub-par plane? Is there a general sense (subtle or not so subtle) that something is missing or not quite right? Is there a feeling of lack (that is often mistaken for a lack of something material)? Is there a feeling of dis-ease or discomfort or irritability? Is it something that you just can’t quite nail down?

Have you considered that you haven’t quite met your soul’s calling? What if there was something inside of you that was screaming to be let out and expressed? What if that something didn’t care what others thought about it? What if it simply needed to be expressed for the sake of expression?

Before you can be a walking, talking manifestation of divine Expression, it would be helpful to understand what it is your soul is calling you to express. Here are some questions that can help you figure it out:

What kinds of books or movies do you find yourself drawn to? What is it about those genres that float your boat?
What are you hobbies? What would your ideal day look like?
What are your fantasies? What do you day dream about?
What gets you excited and pumped up?
What do you Google most often?
What can’t you stop thinking about?
What keeps nudging you from the inside out…what is it that just won’t go away?
Before you answer these questions, make a deal with yourself. Decide, right now, that your answers will come from deep within YOU. Do not answer in any way that you think may be socially, culturally, martially, or any other “lly” acceptable. Because this is where we get tripped up, don’t we? We actually avoid expressing our greatest passions for fear of what someone might think.

What if I were to tell you that there will always be someone who disapproves of you. There will always be someone who disagrees with you. There will always be someone who is offended by you.

Why? Because of there own stuff. Other peoples’ response to your creative expressions are about THEM not you.

You’ve only got this one life as the personality called YOU. Live it. Embrace it. Find out what makes you tick, what you love, where your interests lie and what you’d like to do about them. And then, go do it, speak it and express it.

Do not expect to influence anyone (and yet, that will happen anyway). Do not expect others to accept you (but some will and love you more for it). Do not expect others to support you (but the ones made for YOU, will).

Do it for YOUR sake. Do it for the sake of creative, unique expression. If we were all the same, life would be one boring, predictable place. Allow your voice to be heard, because there’s never been a voice like it and there never will be again. What a shame it would be to adopt another’s voice just to be liked or accepted.

Shine your light onto this world and walk it with humility and grace. In doing so, you will leave your indelible mark and others can be inspired by your truth and your vision.

It might be as simple as your weird laugh. It might be your ability to look people right in the eye when they speak and not look away. It might be the way you’ve handled an illness. It might be what you write. It might be your smile. It might be your activism. It might be your need for peace.

Life is not a popularity contest. Despite what you learned as hormonal, insecure teenager, it’s not. It is about finding out WHO YOU ARE and then moving towards that with an unwavering commitment. And don’t mistake this ‘calling’ for something that’s necessarily monumental (it may or may not be, according to your definition of monumental). It may be something as seemingly small as the way you hug people. OR, it may be something as seemingly big as championing a major cause. What it is, is actually irrelevant. It is the doing and the continued commitment to doing that is important; even crucial to your life.

Whatever those things are that make you, YOU, claim them and display them. Now is the time. Now is your opportunity. It’s all the Universe has ever asked of you.

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