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Who are you? Who are you, really? In this media-laden society, it’s easy to create a version of yourself that supports what society would like to see, rather than who you really are. It is becoming increasingly difficult to decipher your true desires, needs and preferences. And knowing these things about yourself is vital to your happiness and well-being.

Let’s say you decided a long time ago to become an extrovert. Let’s say you come from a family of extroverts and all of your primary modeling for happiness has been to be extroverted. We’ll take it a bit further and say that most of the television shows you watch portray lives of jovial, fist-pounding extroverts.

Now, let’s say that you’re actually an introvert. You wonder why, every time your get ready to go out into a rowdy crowd you start to feel anxious or even depressed. This then, makes you feel guilty. Why am I feeling like this? This is ridiculous! I’m an extrovert, after all! What the hell is wrong with me? You can see how NOT following your bliss…your true nature, can reek havoc in your life.

In order to understand ourselves and our true nature better, we need to be able to step back from our socially conditioned selves and the media that tends to have a great influence on our lives, and see what really blows our hair back. This is harder than it might seem. We’ve been saturated from a very young age into certain belief systems that tend to direct our thinking and thus, the choices that we make. So in order to understand your true nature, you first need to understand what your true nature isn’t. This is one of those exercises where it’s actually helpful to come in ass-backwards.

You might want to start with the following questions:

In what situations and scenarios do I consistently feel drained?

When I feel drained after exposing myself to these situations, what is the fallout from feeling drained? Examples: Don’t sleep well, overeat, become hard on myself, become depressed…

In what situations do I feel pressured or pushed to perform? And what is the fallout from this experience?

Do you have people in your life that cause you anxiety or consistent drama or drain your energy?

Do live in an environment that uplifts you and puts a smile on your face? Or does it cause you stress in some way? Do you feel your environment should look a certain way but doesn’t actually align with who you are?

Once you get to know what isn’t working in your world, it becomes easier to decipher what will work. In order to see this through clear eyes, you need to get utterly honest with yourself. You need to release any exterior influence or any need for acceptance. Our need for acceptance is so chronic that we tend to betray ourselves and our desires again and again. We do it to keep the peace in our relationships. We do it to impress our parents, even as adults (especially as adults). We do it to impress our coworkers. We do it to be accepted by our friends.

Unless you are living your life in a manner that makes YOU happy, you are good to no one. I remember years ago when I would meditate, a mantra kept coming to me. It was this: No one benefits from you dulling your shine. Not only do you slowly erode your spirit when you walk away from your true nature, but you do a great disservice to those around you. You are here for a purpose. There is no mistake in this purpose. It has been divined unto you. This is no small deal. This purpose is meant to evolve you into conscious awareness and it is meant to evolve those around you into conscious awareness. So when you step into your true nature and someone around begins to get uncomfortable and begins to complain about who you are, you may want to re-evaluate the relationship. This doesn’t mean you automatically cut that person from your life. But it may require a conversation in which you tell this person just how important this particular expression is to you. If he or she still can’t accept it, than be willing to let them go; at least until they can accept you.

You will know when you begin to step into your divine boots because you will begin to feel alive and vital. You will start to feel a peace of mind and a clarity of vision that propels you forward in an incredibly hopeful and optimistic way. Life may not always go your way, but you at least feel like you’re home. You feel supported even when you fall on you butt.

If more of us walked our authentic walk, I am utterly convinced there would be less illness, less depression and anxiety and a more thriving humanity. And by the way, it’s catchy. All it takes is one person.

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