What Are Your Personal Calls To Action? How To Recognize and Act On Them

We all have ‘that’ voice inside of us. You know the one. It’s the one that whispers somewhere deep inside of you that you need to make a change, do something, stop doing something or try something new altogether. The one that is gently persistent and always loving. The one that keeps showing up, day after day, reminding you…nudging you to do something; to make a change.

These calls to action come from our higher selves. Our higher selves are the parts of us that see the bigger picture. They know what is in our best interest. They know what keeps us healthy, well, happy and thriving. Because after all, isn’t that what we’re here for? Aren’t we here to thrive?

In deciphering these personal calls to action, it may help to determine what aren’t our calls to action. Let’s not confuse the voice of ego with the voice of our higher selves.

The voice of ego is paranoid. It’s a voice of demand. It can, at times, be a threatening voice.  It can be inflexible.

Our higher selves never come to us in some uncompromising, dictatorial form. They never ‘should or shouldn’t’ us, because that’s not how Spirit works. Remember gang, we have free will here. It’s always up to us whether we ever respond to a call to action or what we do with our lives.

But I am also someone who strongly believes in the, ‘we’re here for a reason and there are no coincidences’, stance. So when my Higher Self is gently persistent with me, I pay attention.

For example, for the past 2 or 3 years now, one of my calls to action was to radically change my diet. I was feeling pretty decent. The Crohn’s was on the back burner. But…my joints ached. I wasn’t sleeping that well. My eyes were puffy. And my energy was up and down. My gastroenterologist would have said, you’re doing great, Ann, keep it up! But I knew I wasn’t thriving.

And that’s where my call to action came in. I always wanted to thrive. Feeling ‘decent’ was no longer good enough for me. And note, for me.  For some, it’s better than a kick in the pants. For some, ‘decent’ is, indeed, good enough. Remember, we’ve all got our own roads to pave and it’s going to look different for everyone.

One day while I was sitting in a bookstore, feeling like I was searching for something….anything, that could catapult me into the next level of health, I asked the Universe (with my inside voice so people didn’t think I was insane) what that thing was that could kick-start my thriving health.

Before the I could even form the full thought, someone walked past me holding a cookbook that was titled, “Paleo Diet” in big, bold letters. There it was. This was my call to action. I knew it the instant I saw it.

It would take me two years to fully get on board with this way of eating. Old habits die hard. But then again, most calls to action require some kind of deep or even, radical change.

This is what a personal call to action is. It is a request from your Higher Self to show you a better way. You are being called on to change something, let go of something, add something or to experience something that will shift the way you live in this world.

…and always for the better.

Remember that your Higher Self wants ONE thing for you: To deepen your experience of love’s awareness.

Because that’s why we’re here. We are expressions of love. You might think that we’re here for a million other reasons, all of which are relevant to a complete human experience, but really we’re here to deepen our experience and expression of love.

So, while you may think that a call to action, like the one I describe above, has to look a certain way or have the ingredients of some revolutionary recipe, it actually doesn’t. All it has to be is something that is going to change your experience of yourself for the better.

As it turns out, adopting a Paleo diet completely changed the way that I feel in my body. It changed my energy so much that I was able to start moving my body in ways that I was never before able to move. My sleep improved. I lost most, if not all of my excess body fat. I felt lighter and brighter.

How did this deepen my expression of love’s awareness? How didn’t it deepen my expression of love’s awareness?

For the first time since I was a child, I started physically thriving. I saw that this precious body of mine (that I thought had failed me so many times) was actually on my side. I saw that when I fed my body what it really wanted and needed, it started working like a well-oiled machine. I saw that when I completely healed my gut, my mind felt more at ease, and I was calmer…happier. I saw that when I followed a simple request from the part of me that knows me best, I finally felt at home in this body of mine.

That’s no small thing. In fact, this one seemingly simple call to action changed everything about how I perceived my physical footing in this world.

It was huge.

For someone who had lived with a debilitating illness, who never had quite enough energy, who worried about the next time I took a nose-dive, who often looked as terrible as I felt, who didn’t know if she would wake up some mornings, who had friends and family constantly worried about her, who had to continuously back out of dates and experiences, who was scared of food and what it might do to her, who had, at one point, no hope of being a healthy, whole person…well, IT CHANGED EVERYTHING.

And that, my friends, is how you know that a seemingly mundane request on behalf of your Higher Self, can and will change your life.

These little loving nudges are coming to you for a reason. Do yourself a favor and listen up. Something that may seem like a pain in the ass to change or do differently or that may be out of your current comfort zone, might just change you into the person that you’ve always longed to be.

Don’t wait. Answer the call now.

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