One Problem…One Solution

I’ve read this so much lately, and it’s been resonating. We only ever have one problem. And there is only ever one solution.

The problem is that we forget. We forget who we are and our original nature. Within this paradigm, we forget the power that we have and the creative force that it holds. In a nutshell, we become deluded. Our problem is not sadness, anxiety, depression, ugliness, obesity, rejection, injustice, abandonment, illness…it’s none of those things. Those things are secondary. They’re symptoms of the original problem.

And then there are our attempts at solution. We diet, psychoanalyze, sacrifice, condemn, reject, regret and medicate. And yet these things only provide a band-aid solution. They don’t actually solve or heal the problem. They provide temporary solace. They’re like an ointment. They soothe at the time, but the infection stills lingers, active, under the skin.

So what is the problem and what is the solution?

As our egos develop and we get more and more comfortable in this world of contrast (which is actually required for our humanness), we assume that we are only human. Therefore, we assume we are subject to all kinds of hurts and injustices and illness. And as humans, we are. But as Spirit, we are none of these things and we are subject to none of these things.

In one of my recent posts I mentioned how a man named Viktor Frankl, who was a Jew in a death camp in World War II, managed to access that place within him and survive his experience in the camp. Not only did he survive, but he managed to have a direct experience of his own Potential. Of his horrific experience he said, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” He came away from that experience (and losing most of his family, including his wife to execution) a realized man. He realized WHO HE WAS underneath what he was experiencing. He also realized that regardless of what was happening to him in that camp, no one could remove his inner convictions. No one could take away the ultimate freedom. And that is the freedom in which see, despite external circumstances, WHO WE REALLY ARE. An unbreakable, infinite spirit who’s very nature is Love. And that, right there, is the solution.

But we’ve become addicted to external solutions to internal problems. This simply doesn’t fly. As in the example above, you can’t expect to heal a problem that exists under the skin with a topical ointment. But this is what we do. And yet deep down, we all know. We know that until we access that space within us, we’ll always feel incomplete and disconnected and even sick.

So how do we access that place on a daily basis? How do we access that solution? Be present. Be here. Now. Meditate. Meditation has so many noted, proven physiological effects on the body and mind that are positive, healing and calming. There is no debate over this. Most importantly, meditation gives you direct access to that space within you that is fully awake; conscious. And therein lies your solution.

When you feel like you’re spiraling or ineffective or lost or sick, try meditating. You likely won’t receive your solution the way your mind would like to. But you’ll come away feeling resolved, nonetheless. In fact, what meditation does is remind you that there really is only one problem. And one solution. Give it a try.

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