New Year…New You

Make this the year that you align with your truth. Be open to letting go of anything that no longer fits; no longer feels right. We are living in a time now that demands that we align with our truth and bring that out into the world. What is your truth?

Take some time, every day, to get very quiet. This could be through meditation, a quiet walk or simply sitting down with a journal. Whatever it is, allow the silence to permeate your surroundings and seep into your awareness. It is almost near impossible to come to an awareness of your truth without silence. You may be driving in your car and something spikes. You might be just waking up in the morning and an awareness hits you. It doesn’t matter how it arrives, just that it arrives.

One practice that you can incorporate into your day is the question: What is my next best step?

By asking this daily (and then letting go of what you think might be the answer) you start to come into alignment with your truth. That wise part of you starts to see that you would like to hold its hand and walk with it now. It perks up.

Lets say that after asking the question, what is my next best step, you start to feel that your body needs to be cleansed; detoxed. The way to ensure that your truth continues to reveal itself to you is follow its nudges. When you do, it sees that you are trustable and will continue to pour its revelations your way. When you ask for guidance, receive it, and then don’t follow it, it may quiet back down for awhile.

Trust that the Divine that is within you (that essentially IS you) knows exactly what is best for you. Have you been struggling with something? Then something is out of alignment. Ask what your next best step is. Don’t assume that the answer is going to come in some neat, obvious little package. It rarely does. It will be more like an impression. Perhaps you’ve had a long-standing ritual of having a glass of wine every night after you put the kids to bed. One night, after having asked the question for a while, you go to reach for a wine glass and your bottle of wine. But something doesn’t quite feel right. Perhaps you notice that as you reach for and hold onto the bottle, your energy drops a little bit. Perhaps, even though you look forward to this nightly ritual, your body is not actually wanting that glass of wine tonight. Be aware. This might be your next best step. You may not know why your body does not want this nightly ritual right now and you don’t need to know. Be willing to give it up for a while and see how you feel.

Perhaps there is a relationship in your life that is feeling toxic. Step back for a while. Does it feel better or worse to have the distance? Be willing to always go with the better feeling.

And this is your best barometer. Your feelings. When something feels good, you can know that you’re in alignment with it. When something feels crappy, you’re not. It’s really, really simple.

Let 2015 be the year that you come into alignment with your truth. And watch yourself bloom.

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