The Natural You Vs The Unnatural You

The natural you knows no division.  The unnatural you thinks, I look and feel this way and she doesn’t. Therefore, we are different.

The natural you is not broken.  The unnatural you sees you as flawed, imperfect and in need of fixing.

The natural you deeply desires to connect with others.  The unnatural you says, this is my space and that is your space.

The natural you wants and needs nature and all of her components (real food, air, sunshine, dirt, water).  The unnatural you will do anything to experience instant gratification.

The natural you yearns to love and be loved.  The unnatural you is selective in the giving and receiving of love.

On this journey towards consciousness, it occurs to me that there is a self behind all of the other selves – the social self, the funny self, the parental self, the female self, the male self and so on…

This part of us – let’s call it our Soul – has journeyed into a physical body that comes with a unique personality.  It has come here to have a physical expression of itself.

If you think of each soul like a wave upon the greater ocean, than you can better envision that we are all connected and are not separate from this Universe and its Intelligence.  In fact, in the physicist’s holographic reality of this Universe, each part holds the totality of everything within itself.

In other words, there is no intelligence, power, insight or potential that is separate from you.  This is the natural you.

The natural you allows everything to be as it is.  The unnatural you resists its reality and tries to constantly change it.  But your soul simply wants to experience everything.  That’s why it came here.

Is there pain?  Discomfort?  Fear?  Sadness?  Loneliness?  Can you stop resisting these feelings?  Better yet, can you stop labeling the sensations in your body as depression, anxiety, allergies, disease, ADHD, or any other label you’ve been given and just experience the sensations?

When you drop your own narrative around your life and the problems and the labels that they come with, you’re then free to just feel and experience them. The natural you wants this so badly.

When we remain in the story of our afflictions or issues, no matter what they are, we lock them into the body.  By giving them a label, you purchase a subscription to the very thing that you don’t want.

Everything here just wants to be felt and experienced.  And when we can sit and experience ourselves and all of our little nigglies, those particular sensations can move along.

Don’t you see?

It’s like the child that keeps coming into the room and asking you to watch, listen, look, be with me.  When you continue to turn away, the child becomes more and more agitated.  Why won’t she look at me, she says. Why won’t she hear me?  So she gets louder.  More in your face.

And when you finally turn around, with real presence, and look, listen, watch and experience the child, she often just smiles and skips along.  Why?  Because a child knows that she is simply here to experience and be experienced.

It’s no different with our stuff.  Our afflictions.  Our sadness.  Our loss.  Our pain. Can you turn towards it and simply experience it without the intellectual narrative?

This is YOU in your most natural state.  Anything else is unnatural.

When something is fully felt and experienced it really has no reason to continue to hang around.  And better yet, when something is fully felt and experienced, you now have a richer experience of yourself.

You might just realize some things about yourself, your relationships, your body, this world, that you otherwise might never have known, had you run like hell.

We know something is the most natural version of you because all resistance goes away.  And even if there is pain in the body or pain in the soul, the immense pain of resistance to that very thing leaves.  It drops away.

And let me tell you from personal experience, there is no pain like the pain of resisting your own experience.  There is no pain like the pain of turning away from yourself.  There is no pain like the pain of shoving things so deeply down inside that you’re now numb.

You can walk into freedom right now.  Right this very second.  Just breathe and go there.  Everything emerges from that space.

This is where your true nature sits.  And it’s glorious.

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