Make Peace With Your TRUTH and Change Your Life

You have certain truths that are coursing through your veins right now, that are waiting for you to SEE them. You already know what those truths are. You know.

You worry too much.

You don’t pay enough attention to your nutrition.

You can’t stand your job.

You drink too much.

You and a friend are no longer aligned.

You…fill in the blank.

Our deepest truths often don’t take up too much obvious space in our lives because our truths come from our hearts. And most of us live in our heads.

So we take direction from our egos.

Our hearts are considered idealistic; unrealistic; irrational; sometimes even reckless. Our hearts appear that way because they often don’t align with societal expectations or even your own expectations as to how you should live.

But our hearts are the most HONEST part of us.

They have VIP seats to our souls and they know. They know the scoop with us. They know when we are meant to see a relationship through and they know when it’s done. They know when the foods that you’re eating are giving you life and they know when they’re not. They know when the job you’re in is supporting your values and they know when it’s not.

So why do we ignore the truth that continuously emanates from our hearts?

Because we might be led into uncertainty.

Because we might be broken open.

Did you know that when you don’t own your truth you can get sick, have chronic headaches, get depressed, feel vulnerable, feel empty, experience anxiety…when we don’t see, own and LIVE our truths, we are walking out of alignment with our soul.

Your soul is WHO YOU ARE. And when you are out of alignment with WHO YOU ARE, how are you able to thrive, prosper and be at peace?

It’s not actually possible.

So the question becomes: How do I trust that if I meet and own and then walk my truth, that I’ll be okay?

You don’t.

But if you continue to deny the soul truths within you, you’ll never know your greatest potential. You’ll never know how high you can soar. You might never know your true purpose.

There are reasons, good reasons, for the truths that keep whispering in your ear. Listen to them. Dare to act on them once in a while.

You’ve only got one shot at being YOU. Why not be the you that your soul carved out for you long before you got here?


3 Responses to “Make Peace With Your TRUTH and Change Your Life”
  1. Sue says:

    Great article, Annie. You hit the mark again, making us stop and think. Well done. xx

  2. Melissa says:

    I SO agree!

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