The Little Known Key To Manifesting Your Desires

With all of the buzz on manifesting and the law of attraction, do you ever wonder why some of your desires don’t come to fruition?

Perhaps it’s not so much about desire and more about alignment. So, what’s the difference?

Desire can be born of anything. It can be born of a deep, inner longing. It can also be born of ego-driven pursuits. And there’s nothing wrong with either one.

You might be consistently manifesting the more ego-driven desires. But know this.

If an ego-based pursuit is going to conflict with the soul’s chosen path, it simply won’t happen.

Long before we’re born, our souls create a map for our lives. This map is full of agreements. We agree to meet certain people. We agree to befriend certain people. We agree to stay away from certain people. It is decided who we’ll marry and what children we’ll have, or if we have them. We agree what ideologic pursuits we’ll walk towards and which ones we’ll turn away from.

In other words, we agree to certain key experiences that have been designed to awaken us in a particular way. After all, this is what the journey of being human is all about. It is to experience wakefulness through our humanity.

Let’s get back to alignment.

Alignment is all about connecting with yourself – your soul – and aligning with those things it agreed to before you were ever born. And make no mistake. Those things will be the objects of your deepest desires. And there’s a big difference between how the object of your Soul’s Desire feels versus how the object of Ego-Driven Desires feel. The difference is this:

A Soul’s Desire feels like the choiceless choice. In other words, you can’t not go forth with this particular desire. You will move heaven and earth to have it, attain it, and experience it. And do you know what the real kicker is here? You’d get it regardless of how hard you tried.

A soul contract is a soul contract. It will be seen through. It will come to fruition.

By contrast, an ego-driven desire has lots of wiggle room. What I mean by this is that you can feel fickle within this desire. You might forget about it for awhile. You might feel desperate for this desire on some days and completely turn your nose at it on other days. You question it. You’re not fully and completely committed.

Therein lies the difference between a Soul Contract, or desire, and an ego-driven desire.

So, we can mess around with those things that feel fickle and confusing and that don’t light us up on the inside. OR, we can put our loving attention on those things that feel like our human experience would be incomplete…empty, even…without them. We can move in the direction that the wisest part of us already mapped out for us, or we can flail in the wind with desires of the ego.

It’s always your choice. Choose wisely.

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