Letting Go Of The Goal

We all have something that we want. Most of us have many, many things that we want. And in and amongst those many, many things, most of us want one thing, very badly.

Sometimes, the Universe has different plans. Sometimes, the Universe – otherwise known as our Higher Consciousness – has something more loving in mind for us.

But it can be very difficult to see that higher good when we’re mired in what we want. We become single-minded, goal-oriented, subjective, focused, obsessed, tireless. We convince ourselves that we need this thing in order to be…fill in the blank…good, better, accomplished, complete, loved, admired, fulfilled.

But what if that were not true? What if the very nature of our chasing The Goal (or perhaps even just chasing it in the manner in which we were chasing it) was missing the point? What if the Universe had an even better vision in mind for us. What if, in the madness of chasing The Goal, we ended up missing ‘THE GOAL‘ entirely?

I’ve learned very recently that, indeed, the Universe does have something amazing in mind for us. It just might not be the thing that we’ve been chasing like a dog after its own tail.

Here is where you think I’m going to advise you to figure out what the Universe does want for you, right?


Here is where I advise you to do one simple thing. I will advise you to do it every single say. I will advise you to let go of all other needy thinking and behaviour and to do this one thing. Do it with simplistic passion once, every day.

At any given time, in any given place, you will utter the following sentiment:

May the rain of blessings fall. So be it.

Take the 10 seconds it takes to recite this – either out loud or to yourself – with deep, trusting feeling. And know that the Universe is hearing you. Know that it now sees that you are willing to hand over details of your evolution to it’s grand Intelligence.

Know that sometimes, the best laid plans were not meant to be. That if we allowed it, the Universe would put into play the the very things that we were always meant to actualize.

By affirming once a day, every day, May the rain of blessings fall. So be it…we tell the Universe, I am ready for the amazing plans that you have for me. I am open. I’m no longer going to stand in your way, allowing my ego to run the show.

Try this on. See what unfolds. Let go of your goal, even if just for a while. You can always pick it back up at anytime. Try handing it over and asking the Universe for it’s version of blessings. You might just get something better than you ever imagined.

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