Letting Go Of Control

It’s been almost a month since I began the Letting Go Series. It took me a while to come to the next post in this series. I never just want to write for the sake of writing. I have to let it come to me and then it tends to flow with much more wisdom.

Which brings me to the next post in my Letting Go Series.

Letting Go of Control. The Big C.

This is such a big one for us. Mostly, it is a deeply confusing issue because, at some point, we delude ourselves into believing that we’re in control in the first place. This is what we’re taught. We’re taught that if we work hard enough, strive, sweat, concentrate, will it, drive it, push it, and intend it, that we will be in control. We will steer our ships in the direction that we feel we need to and want to go in. The New Age movement echoes this. Read The Secret or any of the thousands of books like The Secret. You will see that it’s ALL within our control!

Cue game show buzzer….AHHHHHH!

Think back to when you were a kid. Could you ever have imagined that some of the events, experiences or people that have come into your life, would have when you were a child? Were you in control of any of that? And have these events, experiences and people helped to shape your life exquisitely into the person that you are today?

What would have happened if you were in the driver’s seat. For me, I would have said, No! I do NOT want to live through 2 decades of a chronic illness, fertility issues, watching my parent’s marriage dissolve, leaving my hometown to live hours away, losing certain friendships, having unruly, curly hair (thanks for THAT Universe)….

I, of course, wouldn’t have chosen any of those things. And yet those same things, that I was clearly NOT in control of, shaped my entire life. They have made me the person that I am today and I wear each of these things like a badge of honour. I’m proud of my war wounds.

I’m also proud of my accomplishments. I became an Energy Healer after having experienced the amazing release that a good energy healer can provide. In my younger years, I never would have guessed that I would be waving my hands over people’s bodies, seeing energy and knowing how to release it.

Being in the driver’s seat is a lot of work. And unless you are a master navigator and know every single road like the back of your own hand, how could you possible know which direction you need to go in?

Yes, we often know which direction we want to go in. This is a no brainer. And yes, very often our wants coincide with our needs. The people who tend to sync their wants with their needs are often people who are already quite conscious. They pay attention to the shuttles of desire bubbling up within them and they go with it.

This is of course, has nothing to do with being in control.

This has everything to do with being AWARE OF WHAT IS ARISING WITHIN YOU, MOMENT TO MOMENT.

And this requires you to move from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat.

This statement will bother a lot of people. But keep reading…

When you jump over into the passenger seat, you start to allow the innate intelligence of this Universe – the same one that reminds the trees to bloom, the rain to fall, the cells to pick up nutrients, immune system to work, the sun to shine, the animals to hibernate – to do it’s job.

Essentially, you get out of the way.

You move from a place of insisting to a place of allowing. The difference in our energy when we make this shift is huge. In that insistent driver’s seat, we are clenching, holding, inflexible, narrow. In that allowing passenger seat, we are loose, open, flexible, expansive. You can breathe a little deeper in allowing. You can think a little clearer in allowing. You’re more apt to pick up on the constant clues and synchronicities that this Universe is throwing our way. Remember:

The Universe has your back.

While it may feel, at times, that you’re not getting your way, please know that the Universe does, indeed, have your back. Everything it does is to further the evolution of your consciousness. It works tirelessly so you can see yourself in the image of itself.

Here is the really interesting part. When you finally drop the last bits of resistance within you, there is nothing to control. There is nothing to manifest. There is nothing to do. You know that that everything has always been in a process of unfolding. It takes care of itself. So you hop off the edge of the cliff and you realize that you really do fly. This is not a myth.

Because standing on the edge of the cliff, willing yourself NOT to fall off is very, very tiring. And very, very boring.

Take a leap. See what this Universe has in store for you.

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