Leaving Diets Behind & The Creation of Deep Vitality

We have a choice in the dawn of this new year.  We can delude ourselves into thinking that a temporary change in eating will permanently shift our body issues OR we can approach ourselves with a completely different sentiment this year.

The diet industry in Canada pulls in $7 billion per year and our neighbours to the south spend over $65 billion dollars per year on dietary measures.  To me, this sounds like an industry that is more interested in keeping us fat and coming back for more, rather than an industry interested in sustained health.

Because this is what we’re actually talking about.  We’re not really talking about looking better (although all of us want to look good).  What we’re really talking about is vitality.  

An overweight body is not just a body that is overweight.  It’s a body that’s stopped thriving.  It’s a body that is taking in too many calories and not enough nutrients.  And this is precisely why we get fat.

Nobody wants to find themselves popping out of their jeans and secretly stuffing croissants in their mouths behind closed doors.  This is not what we envision for ourselves as we move through these lives.

So let’s debunk the first and most deluded myth of the diet industry.  That it’s simply about how we look.

How we look is a direct reflection of how our bodies are functioning and performing.  And we all know that person.  In all likelihood they’re not perfect (what is that anyway?).  But there’s something about them that’s vital and sparkly.  There’s something that glows behind the eyes.  There’s a calm happiness that they emit regardless of the number on the inside of their jeans.

This is the look of vitality.  And vitality is not found in a 6 week program that you hop on and then off.  Vitality is a day-to-day choice or set of choices that change us from the inside out.

So, what might that look like?

  • This looks like someone who has gotten in agreement with life. They’ve said yes to their life and walk through their day with grace and gratitude.
  • This looks like an exuberance for life; an excitement about the little things.  This is someone who greets life with curiosity and open-mindedness every single day.  Regardless of what comes their way.
  • This looks like someone who chooses living, whole, natural foods. Does it grow on a tree, a vine, in a farmer’s field? Does it graze on pasture?  Is it free of pesticides and genetically modified material?  Is it prepared with presence and care and joy?  Is it eaten mindfully?  
  • This looks like someone who doesn’t own a scale or weighs their food or even watches how much they eat.  This looks like someone who eats intuitively.  They come to their own natural weight when they eat with health and eat with mindfulness.
  • This looks like someone who takes the time to find out what their food intolerances are and then honours their body by putting the foods that enhance their health and getting rid of the foods that deplete their life force.
  • This looks like someone who honours their life.  They honour their journey here (the good, the bad and the ugly) and turn towards themselves in love.  They decide that highest good for their life is self-love and they put that above all else.  

As you can see, looking good is an inside job.  And it has so much more to do than the amount of food we put in our mouths.  It’s a lifestyle of presence and self-love and mindfulness.  And where your body lands proportionally will be exactly perfect for YOU.

This is why turning away from comparisons might be the best, healthiest thing we can do for ourselves.  Most of us are never going to look like super models. And in all likelihood, a number of these women aren’t all that healthy anyway.

But we can come into the best version of ourselves.  Love yourself into vitality. Nourish yourself on all levels.  And let yourself land where you were meant to land.


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