Leaving Behind The Unsettling Legacy of 2017

2017 has been a whopper.

I’ve never seen more challenged, overturned, uncertain and ruffled energies in my 44 years.  My clients are feeling it.  My friends and family have walked through storms this past year.  I’ve certainly experienced this tumultuous year in all of its chaos.

So, what gives?

Although astrology is not really in my wheelhouse, I have to admit, even I have looked up to the heavens recently and basically said, what the fuck?

According to an astrologist named Laurie Baum, Pluto orbits the sun only once every 248 years.  It’s last go-round was 1762 to 1768.  And it’s back.  Baum says, “Pluto wields a great deal of influence over our collective awareness and leads to positive evolutionary change.”

What’s interesting about the 1700’s (and the last time Pluto came around the sun) was that it marked the birth of democracy in America, in 1760.  Interestingly now this planetary influence is back.  And look what’s happening to our neighbours to the south?

The world is watching a President bring out into the light all of the political darkness that has always been at play.  But this guy is just unconscious enough to let everyone in on politic’s dirty little secrets.  And now that we see, we’re mad as hell.  We’re finally saying, enough.

My interpretation?  It’s time to pull out the weeds.  Like never before, it’s time for radical change. It’s time to take a deep look into what’s working in your life vs what’s holding you back.

This might mean that relationships are significantly tested.  This might mean that old illnesses rear their heads again until you resolve the root issue.  This might mean we walk away from meaningless jobs, unsupportive relationships or surrender old, outdated mindsets.

Now is the time to get really, really honest with yourself.  We no longer have the option or the cushioning to keep deluding ourselves.

Are you walking down a path that is life supportive?  Are you eating well?  Are you admitting, even to yourself, where you may have gone off course?  Do you continue to nurture old, outdated habits or addictions?

We’re waking up.  And sometimes the morning light is painfully bright.

What you may have idealized or idolized for years may no longer be serving you. What you might have deemed important in the past, may no longer be relevant.

My Crohn’s, unsurprisingly, kicked up its heels again in this past year.  I’ve found myself faced with an eerily familiar energy that beckons back to my original venture into this illness.

This was a total head scratcher for me because I’ve never eaten better or taken better physical care of myself.

But this has been a stellar reminder that, at the heart of all physical, mental and emotional issues is simply energy.

As I’ve looked deeply again into this energetic mismatch that, for me, results in Crohn’s Disease, I’ve begun to see how I still resist, attempt to control (usually outcomes), and deny.  And while it’s been painful to look at, I’m finally looking. I’m looking and forgiving and allowing and surrendering.

Because that’s my thing:  Surrender.

So, what’s your thing?  We’ve all got one.  Yes, we have many, but we’ve all got that one thing that persists and persists until we see it, acknowledge it, make peace with it and embrace it.

Is it intimacy?  Do you struggle to deeply connect?  Is it control?  Do you need to be in control for fear of losing it?  Is it fear of being deeply loved?

Really…you already know what your thing is.  And I can tell you right now that it’s up for renewal.  Your license on it has expired.  It’s just the time that we’re in.

So get brave with yourself.  Stop looking to others’ around you to change in order for you to feel okay.  It no longer swings like that.  Stop thinking you can medicate it away.  Stop thinking you can deal with it in some future space.

It’s now.

In 1933, during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inaugural speech, he spoke words that would forever ring true in the hearts of humanity.  He said, “…let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

It’s not the intimacy or the perceived lack of control or illness or the betrayal that you fear the most.  It’s the FEAR ITSELF that you fear the most.

We simply don’t want to feel fear.  Period.

Fear can pull the rug out from under us unlike anything else.  But here’s some really good news.  Fear is simply a belief.  It’s a belief that in the unknown, we’ll be lost; shattered; abolished.  That is our ultimate fear.

So try this:  Turn toward all fear.  Turn toward it and look it right in the eye.  Be willing to walk into your deepest, darkest fears and look around.  The minute you do it, the illusion is shattered.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t feel sadness or anger or disbelief.  You will. But what it does mean is that you will no longer be paralyzed by fear.

As we transition into 2018, give yourself some kudos.  Know that you’ve just walked through fire in 2017.  Look at your fear in the eye and tell it you’re no longer running away from it.  Turn toward it.  That’s the whole point of fear anyway.  It’s an invitation for growth.  A catalyst for your deepest change.

Welcome to the new world.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I will have to read more about Laurie Baum. Very interesting!

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