Leaps Of Faith

What is a leap of faith, exactly? It is when we gather up the courage to jump into the unknown without being attached to the outcome. We decide to marry someone; have a baby; quit our job; start a new job; run a marathon; change our diet; move to a different city; change an attitude; let go of an ideal.

Anything outside of our current comfort zone is a leap of faith. And we know when we need one. Something in our lives is stagnating. Something doesn’t feel quite right. Something is incomplete.

But then we pause…

That pause that we take just before we jump into the unknown…just before the other foot leaves the edge of the cliff, can and often does stop us. Sometimes it stops us for good reason. But sometimes it stops us for NO good reason. Fear is not a good enough reason. Fear is a thought. In fact, a great definition that I got for the word Fear years ago is this: False Evidence Appearing Real. And this is really what fear is. Fear, more often than not, creates a scenario that is not actually there. Because in the case where we actually have something to fear because it IS real, than we redefine Fear as: Fuck Everything And Run!

Back to the Leap of Faith…

These are the points along our journey where a split in the road appears. We can either continue going down Path A or we can veer to the left and head down Path B. And there are no mistakes. To look back and think, “oh, I really screwed that one up!” is useless. No you didn’t. You simply picked an option that was divinely put in front of you and walked into it. You had an experience because of it and are ALWAYS better for it. I repeat: ALWAYS.

Back to the Split in the Road…

So you’re looking at these options. And perhaps there’s a couple of splits. Maybe there are three. Maybe there are four. The ones you are not currently on always look daunting. Why? Because they are unknown to you. You’re not intimate with them yet. They don’t know you and you don’t know them. You’re like two strangers who come upon each other on an evening stroll. You’re leery.

And yet, something has occurred in your world that has illuminated other options; and at this particular time. So what do you do? This is where losing the thinking mind and cozying up to the intuitive mind will create a great deal of clarity for you. The thinking mind will most often lead you in the direction of Fear. It will tell you all of the things that could wrong if you took this leap of faith. It will tell you that you might fail. It will tell you that people will hate you if you do this. It will tell you that this will be a disaster.

Your intuition will never, and I repeat NEVER, steer you in the wrong direction. Why? Because it doesn’t tell you to do anything. That’s just not how it works. I learned a long time ago that our intuition is a quiet and subtle voice. It often comes in symbols and sometimes dreams. Little nudges are common. Persistent feelings are also very common in the world of intuition. But it is never dictatorial. Even under somewhat emergent or unsafe situations, your intuition will simply paint a clearer picture. But it will never shout. The other thing I learned about our intuition is that the more you listen and follow it’s nudges, the more it speaks to you. This makes sense, right? If you had a friend in your life that ignored you, you’d probably just go away after a while.

These leaps of faith don’t need to be huge, monumental ordeals. They might be about changing the way you think about something. It might be about leaving your kids with the grandparents while you get away for a weekend. It might be about reading a book that keeps jumping out at you every time you pass it at the bookstore. I did this once. I kept seeing a book and the title was freaking me out: The End of Your World, by Adyashanti. It just kept showing up everywhere that I went. About a year later, I saw it again (and although the title still scared me) I picked it up, bought it and read it. And it changed my life.

What’s been niggling at you? Is there something that you just can’t get out of your mind? Is something persisting and hinting and nudging you? Have your dreams been pointing to something? Be willing to take a look at this. Be willing to intend that the Universe give you a clear direction with it. And once you feel that nothing else is in your way, take the leap.

And remember, a leap of faith is just that. It’s about Faith. It’s not called a leap of stupidity. It’s called a leap of faith because it’s showing you that this option or path has been illuminated for you by something bigger than you. And isn’t that what faith really is?

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