Igniting The Healing Mindset: Healing From The Inside Out

Our thoughts about our health are just as important, if not more important than our health itself. For example, I know lots of people who rigorously research their condition. They go on chat boards and read about all of the ways in which their particular condition can manifest and the effects it can have on them.  The focus is more upon what’s wrong with them than what they could potentially do about it.

That thinking is fueled by the sickness mindset. It’s easy enough to get caught up in this mindset. In fact, the conventional medical mindset is steeped in this thinking. You are broken down into body parts and systems. You are typically not looked at as a whole person who has thoughts, feelings, emotional histories, old traumas, wants, needs or wishes for yourself.

You are prescribed a medication or booked in for a procedure or surgery and off you go. There’s just not much thought given to a crucial piece of the puzzle; the one that can allow you to heal almost anything. 

I should know. I’ve been there. A million times.

Having had a chronic, autoimmune illness for over 20 years, I know this system. I know the mindset of: It doesn’t matter what you eat. It doesn’t matter what you think. It doesn’t matter how you move your body. All that is hoped for is that you can get to a place where your symptoms are managed. Notice I said ‘symptoms’ and not health. And notice I said ‘managed’ and not healed. There’s a BIG difference.

When you switch gears to a healing mindset, everything changes. Here’s a day in the life of someone who has ignited the healing mindset.

You wake up in the morning and you remember that you are not a victim. You are a warrior. You are a branch on the tree of life that has everything you require to live in deep, abundant health.

You take a few minutes to just be with yourself and feel around for what is “up” within you today. You acknowledge the feelings, emotions, physical sensations and even your pain. You meet it without labeling it or judging it. It’s curiosity; like you’ve just sat down in a movie theatre to watch a show.

Because you’ve moved your mindset from one of Victim to one of Warrior, there is no struggle as to what you decide to feed yourself for breakfast that morning (or any other morning). You no longer view eating well as having to ‘give up’ crappy food. Rather, you know what you have to gain by eating well and feeding your body the fuel that it needs in order to thrive.

You go outside in the morning sun and remind yourself that you are an extension of the natural world and thereby work in concert with natural laws. That means eating food from nature (not from food manufacturing plants); moving your body the way it was meant to move (like walking, running, bouncing, and jumping); meeting up with people in your community and supporting and loving each other; unplugging from your various technologies and gadgets throughout the day and putting them away, completely, by dinnertime; remembering to do as many pleasurable things throughout your day as you see to your responsibilities.

You check in with your intuition often. Have you been having persistent gut feelings about something? Does something keep whispering in your ear again and again? In the healing mindset, that intuition is not ignored. Even if it flies in the face of some conventional dogma, you listen and you act on it because you know and remember that the wisest physician you have access to is YOU.

You look at all of the blessings that have been bestowed upon you in this lifetime and you give heartfelt thanks. You do this because you know that when you focus upon what is working well, more wellness comes forth.

You go to bed that evening having emptied out the contents of your day (for some, that means writing it out on paper so their minds and bodies can rest at night) and look deep into your body.

You thank your body for working tirelessly for you. Amongst the onslaught of the industrial age that we live in, we see that our bodies are, indeed, incredible warriors. They work on our behalf to balance, renew, regenerate, heal and keep us alive every second of every hour of every day of our lives.

We bestow heartfelt thanks and gratitude for our bodies, our wisdom and our lives.

A shift in mindset can shift an entire life. It can shift a medical diagnosis or condition and can do it quickly. You suddenly want to put whole, fresh, nutrient-dense foods into your body. You find yourself wanting to, even needing to move your body in certain ways. You find yourself unplugging and not feeling guilty about it because your peace of mind is more important than responding to someone on Facebook.

It’s your decision. You can sit in the sickness mindset. Or you can change everything and sit in healing mindset. Either way, your body and mind will unconditionally love you through either. Personally, I’d rather be loved through health.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Such wise words, as always! This will definitely be a repeat read for me. ♥

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