Free Will: Do We Have It Or Not?

I’ve recently had some discussions on free will. It’s a tough discussion to have because, depending upon which way we lean, it will vastly change the way we live in this world.

The New Age movement (not to be mistaken for spirituality itself) would have you believe that you absolutely have free will. We are the authors of our own destination. And there is some truth to this.

And yet ancient texts and writings point to a world where Consciousness reigns supreme. And if Consciousness is all there is, than our individual ‘wills’ have very little assertions in this world. And this, of course, is where it gets sticky.

Here is how I have come to look at this over the years. There are two kinds of will. There is personal will and there is Divine Will. You could also call Divine Will, the Will of Consciousness. When I get up in the morning, my personal will decides what I’m going to eat for breakfast. Kind of. When I put on my clothes for the day, my personal will is the one who chooses what I will wear. Sort of. When I communicate with others throughout my day, my personal will is the one who chooses how I interact. Perhaps.

Did you ever think that, at all times, there is a higher consciousness within you, nudging you? Directing you? Moving you, inch by inch, towards itself? After all, that is the sole reason that we exist. To become Conscious. To become aware of awareness itself. Would it not stand to reason, then, that if the whole point of this game that we are playing that we call “life” is purposeful and moving us towards a greater meaning?

Let’s take a step back and dissect this so we can understand it on the most basic level. Understanding it will make a massive difference in your experience of this life. In fact, it may make the difference.

As young people with newly created egos, we believe that we’re the centre of the Universe. And as young people, we often are. Our parents dote on us, people call us cute and smart and are continually awed by us. We take this all in. And it’s good. It allows us to begin creating an identity so we can live a human experience. We need to create a sense of ‘self’ and this ‘self’ needs to be willful. We say to our parents, “No, I don’t want to eat that. I don’t want to go to the park today. I would like that sweater from that store. I want to go to the party with my friends. This is my new boyfriend, and yes, he drives a motorcycle.” All of these are willful acts and they allow us to put our personal stamp on this world. This may continue for a very, very long time.

But at some point, we may begin to see life through a different lens. This other lens, once seen and felt and experienced, can not be ignored. This is why so many people seemingly refuse to step into the waters of Consciousness. Once you do, you can never again live and breathe and react and relate and be in this world in ignorance.

For the awakened individual, a personal will becomes almost irrelevant. The awakened individual lives and breathes from an inner guidance system that is connected to every other inner guidance system that lives and breathes within this Universe. And, of course, our inner guidance systems are branches on the tree of Consciousness itself.

In other words, you may or may not have a personal will. Personal will may or may not exist. You get to a point where it no longer matters. There is a Willfullness within you that, once recognized, supersedes the personal will. You are now operating, in partnership, with Divine Will.

Operating in partnership with Divine Will is a game-changer. You can trust that the highest of Intelligence and Consciousness is doing your bidding. You know that the things that you pursue (or are they pursuing you?) are things that are in perfect alignment with you and your soul.

This discussion can be very divisive because people feel that unless they have a personal will, that they are handing over their destinies to something outside of them (whether it happens to be the highest state of Consciousness or not). But here is the good news: You are not handing anything over to anyone. In fact, you are taking back your ideas and your pursuits and your relationships and your experiences and giving them to highest possible version of yourself.

Your ego finally hits the road.

Therein lies the difference.

You are either willing from your ego or you are Willing from your higher consciousness. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have higher consciousness of my team. I would trust its nudgings over my ego’s nudgings any time.

Remember: Ego is the part of us who is terrified of annihilation. It’s sole purpose for being is FEAR. It’s biggest fear is shame. It plays regularly in anger, and anxiety is a very good buddy. This is the ego, in a nutshell.

So which ‘Will’ would you rather go with?

Hmmm…(scratches head). That’s a tough one.

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