Follow Your Bliss

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” Joseph Campbell

The law of attraction has taught us that when we think certain thoughts, invoke feelings synonymous to those thoughts, and create a repetitive pattern with those thoughts, we will attract to us whatever we want. While the intention behind this theory is certainly genuine, there are a great deal of holes. We first have to look at what thought is. Our thoughts can be more aptly described as thought-forms that exist freely within the psyches of all human beings. Put simply: Thought is not personal. The thoughts you think are not your thoughts. They are part of a collective that we are all tapping into at any given time. We’ve all had the same thoughts again and again since the beginning of humanity. Thoughts are like a tape, being played on a never-ending loop. The tape might sound a bit different, depending on what is happening at the time, but really, we all have the same, “what-ifs, why didn’ts, I should, he shouldn’t, poor me, poor her, I’m afraid, why couldn’t I, I’m better than, he’s smarter than….” and so on and so on and so on. Thought, therefore, can be described as unconsciousness. Thoughts come and go whether we want them to or not. So to harness our thoughts in order to attract something into our lives is misguided. And what does “thought” know about our deepest longings and desires anyway?

In walks Intuition.

Our intuition rests in that deep place within us. It is quiet. It is gentle. It is serene. It is, above all else, honest. It also contains the very roadmap that we constantly seem to be looking for. Contrary to the suggestions of modern-day laws of attraction, we would benefit from skipping thought altogether and going straight for the gold. Or the gut.

Those gut feelings that we get are the little gems of our lives. We know when they are genuine because they seem to follow a certain criteria. There is no fear in the messaging. Even when our gut warns us about something or is trying to tell us that we may be sick, for example, there is no fear or negativity or darkness in its reveal. In fact, the feeling is quite uplifting, relieving, knowing, peaceful.

We tend to only access this place of truth in a crisis. Something in our lives goes very wrong. We don’t go to our thoughts for comfort. Experience tells us our thoughts, especially in times of despair, will often make things worse. We worry, we project, we envision scary scenarios in an already trying situation. Something within us knows to go to that Divine place of awareness. For some, that means falling to their knees and praying to God for help. I know I’ve been there before. But here’s what I’ve learned from years of releasing my attachment to thought and partnering with my gut: Our intuition and God are cut from the same cloth. In fact, they are not separate. And it’s where we ALL go to seek great comfort and perhaps find critical guidance.

When we start doing this everyday, without any impending crisis, life begins to take on a brand new form. What is revealed to us, bit by bit, is our bliss. After all, isn’t that why we’re all here? To be happy? To be fulfilled? To follow our bliss?

So before you start making your vision board and asking for that job in management, try this instead: Sit quietly with yourself everyday. Let yourself drop into that place beneath the surface, beneath the bones and the blood and the physical self. Go into that swirling pool of light where no questions even need to be asked. Rest there for a while and see what reveals itself. And then follow your bliss.

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