Daily Detoxification Rituals To Clean The Body and The Mind

Like it or not, we live in a deeply toxic world.  It is estimated that there are around 84, 000 chemicals on the market today.  Of those 84, 000 chemicals only about 1% has been tested.

On top of this, we now live in a microwaved world.  Our current exposure to EMFs and microwave radiation is unprecedented.  Cell phones line our pockets, Wifi course through the walls of our homes and most people still use microwaves.

Our food system isn’t much better.  Most of the food we eat is laden with pesticides.  There are now countless studies that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt that continuous exposure to pesticides in foods (non-organic food) cause cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, ADHD and birth defects.  And now a massive amount of our food supply is genetically modified.  More and more countries around the world (the most recent being Russia) have banned GMOs and for good reason.  Studies on the consumption of genetically modified foods don’t paint a pretty picture.  We’re talking the destruction of healthy gut cells, cancer, autism, Parkinson’s Disease and on and on.

And yet…we can live in a way that supports a healthy body, healthy brain and long-term vibrancy.  As consumers, we vote with our dollars.  So every time we purchase food or personal care products, we can support an industry that keeps its products (and hence us and the environment) clean.

There are some great everyday hacks that mitigate our exposure to some common toxic triggers.

Here are 7 Daily Detoxification Rituals To Clean The Body and Mind

  1. Go organic.  Decide today that you and your family are worth the price of good, organic food.  This is one of the simplest ways to ensure your long-term health and vitality.  And the more we shop this food that doesn’t deplete the Earth’s precious soil and water, the more affordable it will become.
  2. Choose Non-GMO.  Going a step further, opt out of the GMO experimentation.  Because many scientists feel that it is a giant human experiment.  And one that is not working out well for the consumer.  The biggest culprits in GMO crops are corn, soy, wheat, sugar, aspartame (Yet another reason to avoid this nasty, fake sugar) and papayas.
  3. Begin each day with glass of warm water with 1/2 lemon.  Warm water with a fresh, organic lemon squeezed into it is one of the best ways to cleanse the liver, remove excess mucus from the digestive tract and alkalize your system.  That’s right, even though lemons are a citrus fruit, they do not create acidity in the body, they create alkalinity.
  4. Surrender and allow.  Despite the many and varied claims of the “laws of attraction” our most natural state of being is one of allowing and surrendering.  Why, might you ask, have I included this as a detoxification ritual?  Because it is.  When we detoxify our control (the opposite of surrender) and we unclench our grip on our lives – this must go right or I’m screwed…I can’t afford to feel sad today…I’m so scared that I won’t get that job that I want so badly – several things happen.  We relax.  Which means our nervous systems dials down…which means our digestive systems work better…which means our immune systems function properly (wow…win, win!!!).  In this relaxed state of allowing and surrendering, we’re actually being present with ourselves.  Oh, there’s fear. Okay.  I can feel and be with that.  Doesn’t that sound and feel better than, Oh, there’s fear….SHIIIIIT!!!!!  Being in surrender allows us to rest in our natural state of being and from that space, we simply function better and the body does what it needs to do all on its own (go figure!).
  5. Unplug your Wifi off before you go to bed.  I could dedicate an entire post…hell, an entire book on this topic.  Needless to say, our energy is deeply affected by the constant exposure of electromagnetic frequencies.  Many people have reported sleep disturbances, immune system issues and migraines.  If you use a microwave, have a smart meter on your home or have cordless phones, those are also significant sources of EMFs.  You would be wise to do some investigating and, at the very least, unplug your wifi before going to bed, get rid of your microwave and have your smart meter removed.
  6. Remove processed and packaged foods from your diet.  These foods really have no place in your diet because they’re not actually food.  These are “foods” cobbled together in manufacturing plants that have lofty ingredients (in just the right ratios and forms) that addict you, raise your insulin levels, wreak havoc on your blood sugar and mess with your gut. Just eat real food.  It’s really simple.  If it came from a tree, a root, a bush, a vine, an ocean or lake or a farmer’s field, than your body recognizes and knows what to do with it.  If it came from a manufacturing plant, it doesn’t. Easy peasy.
  7. Have an epsom salts bath before bed.  This is one of my favourite detoxing rituals.  A hot bath with epsom salts not only feels great – the magnesium in these salts are a natural relaxant – but it has deep and powerful detoxing elements.  Having a hot bath (as hot as you can stand it) with 1 – 2 cups of epsom salts will result in your sweating – a lot.  A good sweat will actually cool your body down before sleeping, you’ll sweat out impurities and have a really great sleep afterwards.  Try adding 5 – 10 drops of your favourite essential oil.  Lavender is great for it’s relaxation benefits.

The world we find ourselves in has made it imperative for us to do as much as we can to keep our bodies free of toxicity and running well.  The more we can do to help out our bodies, the better they will work for us.

Given the right tools, our bodies can heal from anything and work miraculously.

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