Body Mapping: The New Way To ‘Diet’

There are a zillion diets on the market telling you that it is the very best at…fill in the blank…removing digestive distress…easing anxiety…getting the weight off. Each diet requires you to follow it’s dogma and oftentimes, to give up entire food groups. As someone who has been studying and practicing holistic nutrition for years now, I can attest to the growing dogma of the ‘healthy’ diet industry.

There’s just one problem.

We are not all built the same way. Each of us comes with a unique set of genetics, tastes, desires, backgrounds, compositions, hormone profiles, gender, sensitivities, proclivities…need I go on? We are not a one-size fits all species. To the contrary (and this is understating it), we are so biologically and psychologically and spiritually diverse, it’s crazy!

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of this discussion:

There is an easier way to find out exactly what fuel is best suited to you body. It’s called Body Mapping.

Body Mapping is a process why which we sit down together and map out what your body needs and requires at this time to function optimally and to release any nutrition-related illnesses. Once I get to know you and a bit about your background, your cravings, your symptoms and your goals, we begin the exciting process of mapping out your nutritional needs.

Every body has a language and a set of codes that it communicates with. Some people are able to decipher these codes. I am one of those people. I have been ‘seeing’ intuitively since I was a kid. This makes the process of breaking down the codes of the body much easier.

Your body wants, so much, to make you well and to support your life essence. After all, our bodies are literally the outward expressions of our Spirits. There is no body that wants to be compromised, achey, hurt, diseased, imbalanced, overweight or in pain.

I know all about pain. And disease. And imbalance.

I also know about asking the body what it needs. Our bodies house deep truths that we are meant to listen to and meet. These truths circulate throughout our bodies and psyche’s, waiting patiently for us to listen. Once we tune into what our bodies are telling us, it is up to us to step over the threshold and FULFILL IT.

For years, my body told me, in various ways, that it no longer liked gluten. Interestingly, as a kid, bread and pasta were never things that I was naturally drawn to. And this is an initial first key to the puzzle. What did you like as a kid? What would keep filling your plate with, if it were up to you? What did you begin eating, despite not being actually drawn to it, because other people were eating it (or drinking it). Can anyone say coffee?!

So one day a few years ago, I finally gave up gluten. About 2 weeks after my farewell with gluten, we had some people over, there was cake and, well, I indulged. Again (and these are the nuggets of this investigative process) not because I really desired a piece of cake, but everyone was having some and so I went along with it.

The next morning I woke up with hives covering my entire lower body. My body was so overcome and inflamed by the re-introduction of gluten, that it reacted immediately, overtly and without mistake. DO NOT PUT THIS INTO MY BODY ANYMORE.

That was it. How much clearer can it get?

The initial knocks on our door are soft; barely perceptible. The knocks get louder and louder the longer we ignore them.

Let’s find out, together, what your body is trying to tell you. Let’s find out what your body really wants and how to go about fulfilling its needs. You’ve only been given one body. One precious body that will work very, very hard to keep you fit, healthy and happy, given the chance.

Body Mapping Sessions

These sessions are designed to recover the parts of us that have fragmented. We will go under the hood to see where we are not standing in our own truth; where we have abdicated our personal power, our feelings, our desires and our needs; where have we said ‘yes’ when we really meant ‘no;’ where have we fed ourselves insufficiently, emotionally or nutritionally. We uncover what our minds, bodies and souls have been crying out for us to listen to and begin the implementation. And then we begin to walk the walk of the open and vibrant individual. As our bodies are the storage-house of our truths, I assist you in finding those truths that are critical to your healing.

Happy Belly Sessions

These sessions are geared towards those with digestive issues. Happy Belly Sessions look at the energetic, emotional, mental and physical challenges that have laid the foundation to an unhappy belly. These sessions are my pride and joy as I have recovered completely from severe Crohn’s Disease (an autoimmune disease that disables the digestive system). We will uncover the psychological partners in the making of digestive disorders and we will find out what your body, mind and soul have been trying to communicate with you. We will create a bio-individual diet that will help you to move on from digestive distress. Healing is possible.

These sessions are now available with Ann in person or by Skype. For more information, please contact Ann at (613) 218-6899 or by email at

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