Aligning With Your Soul’s Purpose

We all wonder what we’re ‘going to be when we grow up.’ Hell, some of us are still wondering! We wonder if there is some purpose that we are meant to be living out in this lifetime. And yet so many seem to struggle to uncover just what that is.

In recent years, there has been a craze over The Law of Attraction principles and Ways to Manifest. While all of it is well intended and uplifting and inspiring, it’s left us feeling a bit duped. After all, if The Law of Attraction really worked the way they say it worked, we’d all be millionaires with perfect health, teeth, friends and careers. But typically, it doesn’t happen this way.

In order to uncover your soul’s purpose, you have to be willing to let go of any mental constructions you’ve built around what you should want out of life. You also have to be willing to release thoughts of what you think other people think you should want out of your life. Finally, you need to get really clear on whether you want something because you really, genuinely desire it or whether you’re addicted or dependent on it. Let me explain.

Lots of people love coffee. Did they always love coffee? No. Was it likely that they even loved their first sip or cup of coffee? Probably not. But there are people who really LOOOOVE their coffee. Is it a true desire for coffee or is it a dependency or an addiction? That one is easy to answer. And truth be told, there’s nothing wrong with it. But this is how we delude ourselves into thinking that we truly desire something. The truth, in the above-noted example is that most people don’t truly desire coffee, they’re dependent on it.

It’s the same thing for our soul’s purpose. We may have been working with something (a career, a goal, a concept, a hobby, a whatever…) and never really asked ourselves, is this what I truly, deeply desire? We may have worked with something for so long that it’s become a habit; a comfort; familiar. Again, there’s nothing wrong with this. We need to have little rituals throughout our day that ground us and give us a sense of comfort. But to mistake this ‘something’ with a soul’s purpose is where we get tripped up.

It may help to define what a soul’s purpose is. I believe it is something that we agreed to learn long before we ever showed up here. Just how we learn that something is secondary. It’s the learning, or evolving that is most important. And yet…the path that we walk in order to learn that something is what we all want to know about, right?

Most of us mistakenly believe that our soul’s purpose is worked out in a career. I always chuckle at this because we all retire at some point. So, does that mean that around 60 or 65 years old, we all just give up the purpose of the soul with the wave of our hand at the boss? And what about those people who don’t work? Have they just not come here with a soul’s purpose? I doubt that very much.

Perhaps your purpose is to be a parent. Perhaps your soul’s calling is to learn to be a master meditator. Perhaps your path is to overcome illness. Maybe you’re meant to be an avid gardener and work with the earth. Your purpose might be to simply be happy. But make no mistake, we’ve each come here with a purpose that is just as important as every other purpose. Don’t try to uncover something grand. Bigger isn’t better in this case.

Take some time, every day, to go within and ask what it is that your TRULY DESIRE. Your soul’s purpose IS your biggest desire, whether you’ve figured that out yet or not. It is not possible to compartmentalize these two things. Learn to distinguish your addictions and dependencies or your ego needs from your soul’s purpose. They will be different.

Once you discover what it is you’re here to learn, or your soul’s purpose, go forth with it. Be gentle with yourself and walk into it. Be okay with making mistakes and keep going. Ask for help. Pray for guidance. Meditate on it. Just those acts alone will change your life. Most importantly, know that your purpose was created by you, for you.

I was lucky enough that my soul’s purpose revealed itself to me at a very young age. I was 7 years old when I got sick with Crohn’s Disease. And no, the Crohn’s was not my soul’s purpose. I no longer have Crohn’s, but its impression left it’s mark. Living through that experience (that seemingly horrible experience) paved the way for my purpose. My purpose is to help and inspire people to move beyond ego and into their true selves. I couldn’t have done this without all of my experiences; the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s all been for this one purpose.

What’s yours?

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