8 Body-Mind Hacks To Prep For Autumn

My favourite season is fast approaching.  That’s right.  It’s nature’s grande finale.  It’s like it’s saying…we’re going out with a bang, folks.  We’re saving the best for last.  Sweet, beautiful, colourful, cozy fall!

Fall is a time where nature blooms brilliantly just before it goes into its deep, wintery slumber.  Like hibernating animals, it’s preparing itself to sleep soundly, live with as much warmth as possible and to ensure its winter survival.

As we’re all sourced from nature, we’d be wise to follow suit.

From a health perspective, the best times to strengthen, detox and prepare our bodies are in the fall and the spring.  Since fall is almost upon us, let’s focus on prepping for this cozy and colourful season by ensuring that we’re physically and mentally prepared for our own quasi hibernation.

Here are The Nourished Soul’s 8 Body-Mind Hacks To Prep For Autumn:

  1. Allow yourself to eat a little more than usual in the fall.  Our bodies require a little more energy as we move into ‘hibernation’ mode.  Although we tend to be a little less active, we’re also dealing with cold and unpredictable weather.  Eating a little more (of good, nutritious, real food) can help us move into this season feeling energized and more comfortable in cooler weather.
  2. Eat warming, spicy, cooked foods.  I’m thinking a warming grass-fed beef stew with sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, veggies and some cinnamon and a dash of coconut sugar for sweetness.  Warm, spicy, cooked foods literally warm us up, add comfort to this chilly season and give us energy.
  3. Get back to your roots!  Root vegetables are fall’s harvest.  Eating seasonally ensures that we’re adhering to our evolutionary diet.  These are some of the sweeter, tastier foods of nature’s bounty.  I’m thinking sweet potatoes, butternut squash, apples, and pumpkins, to name a few.  
  4. Meditate on what needs to crumble within you.  Fall is a time of dying.  Plants, grasses and leaves crumble and die in order to be reborn again in the spring.  What is no longer serving you?  What, inside of you, needs to die in order to rebirth something new?  Write it out in a letter, light a fire (’cause who doesn’t love a roaring fire in the fall?) and burn the sucker.  Picture the flames consuming what you no longer want.
  5. Do a detox.  Fall and spring are typically the best times of year to clean house.  Consider doing a liver flush and even an Elimination Diet.  An Elimination Diet removes gluten, dairy, soy, corn, alcohol, caffeine and refined sugar.  I know…I know.  You’d rather have a kick in the ass.  However, doing this will reset your gut bacteria, diminish or eliminate inflammation in the body and you’ll most certainly lose a few pounds.  Take 10 days and give it a try.  Combined with a liver flush, your body will thank you profusely!
  6. Gather.  Gather with friends and family at this time of year.  People get busy with school, activities and obligations.  Take the time to keep connecting with the people that you love.  Warmth and comfort can come in many different forms.  Friends and gatherings are a great source of warmth for the fall season.
  7. Adorn yourself with warming colours.  Mimic the autumnal palette with similar choices in clothing.  Wear gold, orange, red and yellow.  Colour can make a huge difference in how you feel.  Wearing warm colours can cheer you up and basically bring out your fabulousness.
  8. Up your intake of cooked, warm and oily foods.  These foods warm the body, ease digestion and calm inflammation.  Make sure the oils that you choose are anti-inflammatory, such as olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, butter, ghee.  And don’t forget to keep taking your tbsp of cod liver oil everyday!

Be willing to take it a bit easier, relax a little more and find creative ways to stay warm.  Living in tune with the seasons is a great adjunct to self-care.  When we move with nature’s rhythms, we stay attuned to what our bodies and minds need most.

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