7 Daily Habits of Healthy, Thriving People (Corrected Post!)

Good health and wellbeing don’t just happen without effort. Wellbeing is the result of putting effort into our daily routines and lives. It’s a matter of making yourself a priority and seeing yourself as worthy of that effort.

When we start to reap the benefits of having a well-run digestive system, clear skin, great moods, stamina and restful sleep, we can revel in that incredible feeling of vibrancy.

Here’s how you can get started on filling up your wellness tank.

Start your day with lemon water. This seemingly simple little ritual is a game-changer for a lot of people. Lemon water first thing in the morning clears out the mucus from your digestive tract, initiates a mini liver detox and alkalizes your body. When my husband is consistent with this morning ritual, he doesn’t snore at night. Bonus for me (and everyone living within a 5 km radius!) ☺

Eat protein and a good fat with breakfast. Breakfast is so important because it sets up your energy for the day. Starting the day with a typical North American breakfast (cereal, muffins, toast and coffee) is basically starting your day with sugar. Refined carbs cause a blood sugar spike that, while it gives you some energy to start your day, sets you up for a crash by late morning. You’ll eventually end up needing more and more of the carby stuff in order to sustain your energy. Can anyone say hypoglycemia? Instead, reach for some organic, free-range eggs and whip up an omelet with some basil, mushrooms and tomatoes. Add some turkey bacon to the side and you’ve got a breakfast that will give you energy, feed your cells and sustain you until lunchtime.

Get outside for a walk. Even if you’re in an office all day long (in fact, especially if you’re in an office all day long!) this doesn’t have to cut into your busy day. Taking 20 minutes to go outside to stretch your legs and get some natural sunlight will do wonders for your mood, your energy and your fitness. You’ll feel better for it and likely be more productive because of it.

Create a gratitude practice. “Monkey mind” is what Buddhists refer to as the busy, frantic, negative, never-ending thinking that our minds engage in; All. The. Time. If your mind is going to be thinking something, why not think thoughts that can shift your perspectives, heal chronic negativity and shine a brighter light on your day? Thinking about what is working in your life, what you do have that feels incredible and the love and support that you have in your life can actually create new neural pathways in the brain that gears you to more of what you want. I’ve gotten so used to thoughts of gratitude that they come to me now without my having to conjure them. So, I’m reminded every single day of how lucky I am (no matter what else might be going on).

Be conscious of where your food is coming from. This one is not so much about what you’re eating and more about where it’s coming from. Has it been genetically modified? Was it made in a food manufacturing plant rather than grown in healthy soil? Is it local or was it shipped from some faraway place? Create some consciousness about what kind of industry you’re supporting and what goes into your body. Simple, locally sourced food is what our bodies want most and what keeps them purring for us.

Shut down your technology after dinner. We’ve become so consumed by our devices, that we don’t stop to think about how they may be affecting us. Firstly, they act as constant distractions. When we’re always distracted we’re not present. And it’s only in presence that we can deepen our consciousness. Next, we now know that our constant exposure to EMFs are having a deleterious affect on our physical and mental health. The science is in, folks. Here’s a great resource on EMF’s in the home and how to best avoid exposure.

Have an Epsom salts bath with essential oils before bed. This is one of my favorites. Epsom salts contain magnesium and sulfur, both of which are crucial nutrients (and very commonly depleted) for our systems. Magnesium promotes relaxation and sleep. Epsom salts, in a hot bath, can also initiate sweating so you get a nice little detox before bed. Warning: This ritual is addictive. Once you start having these little miracle baths, you’ll want one every night before bed!

Little habits add up to big benefits. Our bodies are so incredibly responsive. When we start doing kind things for ourselves, we send the message that, I’m worthy of this attention. This is no small thing. A body and mind that feels cared for responds swiftly. After all, it’s all just energy. What you put into something, you get back out.

And sweetheart, you’re worth it.

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