Removing The Burden Of YOU

Did you ever stop to think that perhaps you are NOT the centre of this Universe? MOI? NOOOO!!!!

Yes. You. Me. All of us.

The ego has a sneaky little way of tricking us into the world’s biggest delusion. It makes you think and feel that EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU.

What a burden!!! When you buy into this delusion and believe it, several things happen:

You believe that life is meant to accommodate you and you only. And when it (inevitably) doesn’t, you’re exasperated!
You think that other people are actually spending a decent amount of their time thinking and talking about you – and here is the kicker with this one. They’re not. They’re just thinking the same thing about you.
When someone in your life doesn’t act and relate to you EXACTLY the way you think that they should, you get all righteous and disappointed – some of you will even end the relationship.
When something or someone isn’t available to you in the moment that you insist upon it, you get frustrated or angry or worried (Why aren’t they getting back to me? It must be me, right?! It’s gotta be ME!”).
When you don’t get what you want, when you want it, you can’t help but feel that the Universe is conspiring against you.
When you DO get what you want, you feel that YOU must have done something right (you, you, you…it’s all about you).
When someone disagrees with you, you secretly resent that person.
When someone agrees with you, you secretly want to marry that person.
You see? Our egos are so enormous that everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) hinges on our own sense of self. We must go through this in order to move beyond it. But the problem is, most people don’t move beyond it.

Think of how marvellous life would be if you stopped insisting that you were the Centre of the Universe and, hence, everything should always go your way. Life might look more like this:

People could look at you sideways, backwards, upside-down and right side up and – wait for it – it wouldn’t be about you!
When something or someone isn’t available to you in the moment you expect it, you move on and…oh I don’t know…do something else.
You find out that someone is actually talking about you in your absence and, you guessed it, you know it is not actually about you (it can’t be…what people say about you always tells you more about THAT person than it does about you…so there).
When you don’t get what you want or you do get what you want, its ALL good. You realize that you are but one tiny piece of a VERY intricate puzzle and it’s all happening for a reason. Shocker.
When someone disagrees with you, you have just learned something interesting about that person. Nothing else.
When someone agrees with you, you have just learned something interesting about that person. Nothing else.
Letting go of your massive sense of grandiosity only serves YOU! (There I go again!). It allows you to experience the ultimate freedom. You’ve always had that freedom, you’ve just twisted it and essentially imprisoned yourself. This is what our egos do. We think we are protecting ourselves and safe-gaurding ourselves. And yet when we buy into the ramblings of the ego we get the opposite. We fret and over-analyze and over-react and often create something out of nothing.

Reminding yourself that other people have their own lives and agendas and egos and wounds and reasons for doing this or that frees you up to let them be. We drop our expectations of them and suddenly our interactions with others become easy and intimate and free. This is not to say that you accept everything from everyone. Obviously.

But as sane and logical people, you know what I’m saying. You actually get to weed the people in your life out even faster this way. How? By removing the aforementioned insanity (the over-reacting, expectations, assumptions, etc…) you actually get to know and accept and understand the people in your life. You can then make a really informed and heart-felt decision as to whether or not it feels good to have that person in your life or not.

Everything else is just a mind-fuck.

You are being with someone but only on your terms. You’re not meeting them, fully, completely, heart to heart. Wouldn’t it be nice to just meet the people in your life AS THEY ARE? Wouldn’t you just love it if the people in your life offered you the same? They just met you. Warts, bad moods, bad hair, and all?

No pretending. No impressing. No worrying.

Stop investing in your ego. It has never done you any favours. Start investing in your heart. You know. The one that loves no matter what.

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