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Leaving Behind The Unsettling Legacy of 2017

2017 has been a whopper. I’ve never seen more challenged, overturned, uncertain and ruffled energies in my 44 years.  My clients are feeling it.  My friends and family have walked through storms this past year.  I’ve certainly experienced this tumultuous year in all of its chaos. So, what gives? Although astrology is not really in […]



Cooking for Health and Happiness (with recipe!)

Our world is so fast now. Instant messaging. Instant response. Expectancy of instant response. We’ve become hyper vigilant in our technological and busy lives. But there’s one basic skill that we can and should continue to cultivate. It’s a skill that we can pass along to our children. It’s a skill that can create deep […]



5 Ways To Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

We’re officially in the season of colds and flus.  If you’re like me, than you’re going to forgo the flu shot and work on bolstering your natural immunity. Our immune systems, when fully supported, work incredibly well.  We don’t need interventions and there is significant evidence that flu shots are relatively ineffective (last year’s flu […]


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