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The Natural You Vs The Unnatural You

The natural you knows no division.  The unnatural you thinks, I look and feel this way and she doesn’t. Therefore, we are different. The natural you is not broken.  The unnatural you sees you as flawed, imperfect and in need of fixing. The natural you deeply desires to connect with others.  The unnatural you says, this is […]



Daily Detoxification Rituals To Clean The Body and The Mind

Like it or not, we live in a deeply toxic world.  It is estimated that there are around 84, 000 chemicals on the market today.  Of those 84, 000 chemicals only about 1% has been tested. On top of this, we now live in a microwaved world.  Our current exposure to EMFs and microwave radiation […]



The Ultimate Self-Healing Tool

You’re three years old.  You’re in a paddling pool with your older sibling and he pushes your head under water and holds you there while he laughs.  He just thinks he’s being funny.  It’s all very innocent.  He lets go and you come up for air gasping and crying.  Your mom runs over, scolds the […]


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