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How A Low Lectin Diet Can Reduce Your Weight, Heal Autoimmunity and Make You Healthier

As someone with a history of autoimmune disease, I’ve been all over my diet in recent years.  Aside from meeting, accepting and letting go of old traumas and stress, reducing my exposure to EMFs and being in nature as much as possible, diet has been consistent in keeping me healthy. I’ve played around with many […]



The New Children: How To Remove The Labels and Get Them To Thrive

They’re here. The children of the New Age. They’ve been coming here since the millennium.  We know them to see them. Their eyes stand out.  Their gaze is piercing.  They’re hypersensitive.  And they love intensely. Call them what you will:  Indigo children, crystal children, rainbow children. They are here to shift us into a different […]


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