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Spirit and Food: How You Can’t Have One Without The Other For Optimal Health

We all want wonderful and vibrant health.  And there are so many different styles of eating that can bolster our health and even heal chronic conditions. When I began eating a Paleo Diet I felt a massive shift in my physical health.  My bloating, sore joints, headaches and fatigue went away.  As someone with a history of […]



The Art of Surrender

We live in a new age world.  This world tells us to watch our thoughts…be careful what we think…that worry is like carving out the future you don’t want. We’re told we can manifest anything we want.  We’re told that if we just focus on the positive, that life will go in the direction that we want […]



Using Instinct To Create Your Ideal Diet

Every single one of us is born with this wonderful, life-saving, innate engine. It’s called Instinct. Our instincts will get us out of a dangerous situation. They will lead us to our loved ones. They will tell us when to bail out of a job and when to get some sleep. But our instincts can […]


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