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The Energetics of Illness

Years ago, when I started treating my Crohn’s disease outside of conventional medicine, the first place I went was to the energetics of my disease process. Everything comes with an energy. In fact, underneath everything is all just energy. When we want to heal from the roots up, we have to look at what we […]



Why Meat, Fat and Seafood Belong in a Healthy Diet

It’s difficult to know what kind of diet will most support health, healing, mental agility and vitality.  We’re presented with conflicting data within the very scientific community that is supposed to make these distinctions clear. The majority of the studies done on the consumption of meat, even red meat, have been inconclusive and point to […]



Your Health and Happiness on Nature: How To Biohack Your Exposure To Artificial Light (Part 2)

In Part 1 of Your Health and Happiness on Nature, we dove into the importance of getting natural sun exposure.  We know that allowing the sun to penetrate our eyes and skin sets up our circadian rhythms, determines how much weight we’ll gain or lose and even has a massive impact on our happiness. But this series […]


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