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8 Body-Mind Hacks To Prep For Autumn

My favourite season is fast approaching.  That’s right.  It’s nature’s grande finale.  It’s like it’s saying…we’re going out with a bang, folks.  We’re saving the best for last.  Sweet, beautiful, colourful, cozy fall! Fall is a time where nature blooms brilliantly just before it goes into its deep, wintery slumber.  Like hibernating animals, it’s preparing […]



When Life Gets Tough: 5 Ways To Move Through Turmoil

“Any situation you are in has been perfectly planned for you by a self-organizing universe, invested in your growth and designed to foster your self-actualization. Whatever is happening, what lesson does it contain for you? Given that it’s not random, what is its importance to your growth? What are the strengths you’re being invited to […]



What To Eat on A Paleo Diet (Plus a Great Breakfast Recipe!)

We see it everywhere.  Paleo is the newest diet craze, but for good reason.  I’ve eaten this way for a while now because it’s the diet that keeps me incredibly healthy and it also happens to be the most biologically appropriate diet that we, as humans, can eat. But I really struggled with hopping on board […]



Glowing Orange

Glowing Orange is the summery expression of my favorite carrot/apple juice. I love carrot/apple juice but watermelons are in season and are begging to be juiced! How can I resist?!! The addition of watermelon adds a sultry mellow flavour which I like to liven up with a little bit of lemon, resulting in a fabulous […]



Express Yourself and Change Your Life

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” ~ Dr. Seuss We are here for one reason and one reason only: As expressions. Expressions of what, you ask? We’re here as expressions of something much bigger than us. Something infinite; conscious; fully loving; fully […]


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