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All The Things I’ve Never Said

I’m a really observant person. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is just watch people. So often, when I’m out and about, I see someone or have an exchange with someone who leaves me feeling really great. The reason it leaves me feeling so good is because of the other person. I […]



The New Children

There is no doubt about it. We’re entering into a New Age. Various cultures and mystics documented the volatility and potential of this time in early discourses and texts. It’s been referred to as The Golden Age. It is said that this earth and all of its inhabitants will graduate. We will graduate to a […]



Eat Like A Caveman: An Interview With A Paleo Convert

The Paleolithic Diet or Lifestyle is getting a lot of buzz lately. It’s also commonly referred to as the Caveman diet. This is because the diet mimics that of early humans. Essentially, you consume nothing but meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. You remove all dairy, all grains and all refined sugar. Sound restrictive? Well, […]



The Highly Sensitive Person

Even if you do not fit the description of the highly sensitive person, you undoubtedly have one in your life, so read on… The highly sensitive person may not be the person you have in mind. Such a title might conjure up images of – let’s face it – a woman, bent over a bowl […]



How NO Is Just As Important As YES

I’ve been a yes woman most of my life. I want everyone to like me. There. I said it. I have this burning need to have people in my life like me. As a result, I’ve spent a great deal of time saying yes, when oftentimes, I’ve really wanted to say no. I’ve had relationships […]


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