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Madonna-Whore Complex

This article is dedicated to all the men out there who are growing in consciousness and love. Firstly, let me start by saying that the Madonna I am referring to is not the pop sensation with freakishly muscular arms. We’re talking about the archetype of the Virgin Mary; the original Madonna. Secondly, we’re not talking […]



The Truth About Karma

Karma is a term that we throw around a lot. Someone does something crappy. These days, a typical response to this might be, “Well, karma’s a bitch!” We’ve come to believe that karma is some kind of divine punishment for our actions. This is simply not true. The divine doesn’t punish us for anything. That […]



Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously

We all have such strong opinions on things, don’t we? Each of us feel very convicted about something. We have Conservatives, Liberals, Environmentalists, Pro-Choice, Anti-Abortion, Attachment Parenting, Sexual Liberators, Prudes, and Passionate Activists of every single walk of life. And this is good! This is wonderful. If it weren’t for the convictions of passionate people, […]



Surrendering Thought

“[It is a] myth that [when I’m truly enlightened] I can rest in some assuredness that I will never again feel insecure, or feel fear, or feel doubt, or feel those emotions that we don’t want to feel. Forget it. That’s not it. That’s the pipe dream. That’s the opium that’s sold to the masses. […]



10 Ways To Wake Up…Today

Spend some time in nature Being in nature and away from your devices, your responsibilities and your daily grinds, reminds you of the true simplicity of your life. It allows you to breathe into the natural world, and it breathes back into you. I’ve heard it said that trees are Ascended Masters, incarnate, on this […]


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