10 Ways To Wake Up…Today

Spend some time in nature

Being in nature and away from your devices, your responsibilities and your daily grinds, reminds you of the true simplicity of your life. It allows you to breathe into the natural world, and it breathes back into you. I’ve heard it said that trees are Ascended Masters, incarnate, on this planet. Nature wants nothing of you. And yet it gives you back beauty, peace, silence and strength. So get out of your house today, leave your f#*&ing cellphones at home, and go be in that place where nothing is judged and everything is accepted.

Connect with a complete stranger

You may need to go to the grocery store. You may be standing at a gas station. You might be going through a Starbucks drive-thru. Wherever your travels take you today, make a connection with a stranger. This might involve a simple “hello.” It might involve a conversation. Whatever form this connection takes is irrelevant. What is important is that you look at this person. I mean really look at this person when you speak with them. Try smiling. Open up, for just a moment. It will make their day. Even more importantly, it will make yours.

Call someone who you love that you haven’t spoken with in a while

I didn’t say email them. I didn’t say toss them a text. CALL THEM! Make an actual human connection! Ask them how they’re doing. Tell them how you’re doing. Tell them that you just felt like hearing their voice for a bit. Tell them, if the mood strikes, how much you love them.

Without saying the words, wish someone peace

Wherever you are today, when you see someone who catches your attention for any reason, wish them peace. Really feel this in your own body when you send these wishes. Feel, in your own body, just for a moment, what peace feels like. Suspend your thoughts and feel it. Then send that same feeling to this person. You need no words.

Think of 5 things that you are grateful for

It might be your kids. It might be your comfy bed. It might be the healthy breakfast you ate this morning. But take a minute, and think of 5 things. Be grateful.

Turn off the news…radio, television, newspaper, computer…let the news go today

One of the first things a good psychologist will advise someone who is depressed will be to stop reading and listening to the news. Bad news is news. Good news is the exception. Allow your mind and body to get a break from the barrage of negativity for a day. I always say that if it’s really important, you’ll hear about it. Notice if you feel desperate to read about something! If this feeling comes up for you today, recognize that you’ve probably become addicted to hearing bad news and now need those “hits” on a daily basis. Be willing to let this go and either find a more positive, local news source or simply stop listening for a while.

Do something today that you’ve never done before

This doesn’t need to be monumental. Eat something you’ve never tried before. Wear something you’ve never worn before. Engage in a conversation with someone at work you’ve never talked to before. Go skydiving. Garden naked…well, maybe not in February. But you get the point.

Go somewhere where you can have complete privacy and scream at the top of your lungs

I’m not talking about some piddly, little girlie scream. I’m talking an all-out, Janet Leigh-in-the-shower-scene-in-Psycho, full-on, full-throttle, top of your lungs, blood-curdling scream. You can do this in your car on your way home from work (no one will hear you). You can go out to a forest. You can do this into a pillow. You would not believe how AWESOME this feels. I’m not even going to get into the “whys…” with this exercise. Just go do it. See for yourself.

Develop a mantra for yourself

This could be something you do just for today. Think of something meaningful but don’t get too specific. One of mine is BRING IT ON. Here are some other examples: Just do it…I am only love…I see the Divine everywhere today…I’m full of love…

Say good-bye to the day just as you turn out your light

This sounds so simple and yet it is so powerful. Our days are filled with so much stuff. We have worries, obligations, interactions with negative people, interactions with positive people, bills to pay, lessons to learn, and on and on. It doesn’t matter what unfolded in your day. What matters is that you let ALL of it go. The good, the bad and the ugly. Allow yourself to go to sleep with none of it. Allow yourself to be blank so that while you sleep you absorb, completely, all that you require for the next day ahead.

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