10 Morning Habits That Can Radically Change Your Day

The Brits have a saying: Start as you mean to go. This means, begin anything with the same intention as you mean for it to unfold. You could apply this to your relationships, how you start your day at work or even what you intend to feed yourself for the best results.

We can begin each day with simple intention. How do you want your day to unfold? Do you want it to be productive, joyful and fun? Do you want to have lots of energy? Do you want to interact well with the people you meet today? Do you want to feel great in your body and be non-reactive to the opinions of others?

Here are 10 things that you can do each morning that can radically change your day.

  1. Upon waking and before even getting out of bed, decide that today is going to be great. You’d be amazed at what follows when we simply make the conscious decision to have a great day.
  2. Take some time (even 10 minutes) to sit in silence. You can sit with an intention or a mantra (my mantra is always “LOVE”) or you can simply just sit in silence and allow your Higher Self to rise up into awareness.
  3. Before you eat anything, have a glass of warm water with lemon. Lemon in warm water, first thing in the morning, can have an incredible effect on your body. It detoxifies the liver, cleans mucus out of your digestive tract and gives your body a shot of antioxidants in the form of Vitamin C. Not bad for one little yellow fruit!
  4. Take a 20 minute walk outside. Studies show that early morning exposure to natural light regulates our circadian rhythms and allows us to sleep better at night.
  5. Make a list. Anyone who knows me really, really well knows that I love lists! I make a list most mornings. There’s something about picking up a pen (I know…shocker!) and putting something down on paper that you intend to do that day. It’s a visual reminder of what you intend to accomplish that day and it feels good to be able to check those items off your list at the end of the day.
  6. Choose your clothes based on how you want to feel on that day rather than how you want to look. If I’m wanting to bring a lot of light into my day, I choose light, bright colours. If I’m wanting to go a little more inward, I might choose to wear black. Colour can make a big difference in your state of being.
  7. Eat protein with your breakfast. As biological beings, we cannot live without protein. It is what is referred to as a macronutrient, meaning we need relatively large amounts of it. Getting a good source of protein first thing in the morning supports all of those biological processes that require this crucial nutrient. Protein is the precursor to enzymes, hormones and the building blocks of skin, bones, cartilage, muscles and blood.  And for those of you who are wanting shed some pounds, protein in the morning is one of the best ways to initiate weight-loss.
  8. Listen to your favorite music while eating breakfast or driving to work. Music has incredible effects on our physiology. It can elevate mood, decrease depression, motivate us, enhance blood vessel function, and ease pain. And if it motivates you to dance a little bit before you start your day, even better!
  9. Hug someone. Hugging someone – and I mean really hugging them…not the “man back-slap” that we’re socially programmed to engage in – releases oxytocin, seratonin, enhances the immune system, lowers heart rates and diminishes worry and anxiety. Plus, they feel great.
  10. Read something uplifting. I subscribe to various online feel good publications.  A couple of them are Notes From The Universe and Danielle LaPorte’s Truthbomb’s. It’s wonderful to start your day with a positive, motivating and inspiring message. And some messages seem to speak exactly to what you need in that very moment.

Our daily grinds get can monotonous and habitual. Starting your day with openness, positivity and nourishment might make all the difference to your experience. Today is the only day that matters. Yesterday is already gone and tomorrow hasn’t happened yet. Make the most of today. Start as you mean to go.

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  1. Sue says:

    I love this article, Annie. ❤️

  2. Nancy says:

    Thank you Ann. I just followed your steps. Great article, keep it coming!

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